Christmas Wish: The meaning of life

Our Christmas Wish: The meaning of life

If I was a kid again, you know what I wish for this Christmas this year?

For an advanced alien life to come here and explain “the meaning of life.”

Christmas Wish - Christmas Wish: The meaning of life

Why? {Literally}

You see, one of the (many) human flaws is the ability to ask “why?” Sure, you can say asking “why?” has advanced our species:

  • Why is the sky blue?
  • Why can’t I get to the other side of the ocean? What is there anyway?
  • Why do people have problems being monogamous?
  • Why does don Zimmer pay more attention to bikes than billion-dollar infrastructure problems?

You get the point…

But one of the worst “whys?” we have is “Why are we here?” and “What is this great universe?”

Humans have a way of dealing with their unknown mysteries – and one of them is what I like to call a “comfortable mental construct.”

That is a way of carefully re-arranging the big bad mysteries into something more acceptable. Humans in terrible situations have a way of “fantasizing” alternative realities to make simply existing more tolerable (ask anyone in a dead-end relationship). It’s one of our “strengths,” yet with a major-league downside – which is worse than most presume.

I’m fairly certain this is how religion was formed – and has had the longest standing grip on humanity; Fascinating and scary at the same time. You need to kind of see the big picture dating way back – a holistic view on life as we know it. It’s harder than you think.

Why we are here is why we have problems

So we have all these people on planet earth – in different geographical locations.

Sounds great on paper…

Before the advent of transportation and the industrial revolution, ideas (good or bad) stayed fairly tight in their respective areas on the planet. That was a good thing!

Then the “mixing” began along with the build-up of so-called “power,” (political, religious and financial). Some call that power, I call that egotistical psychopathy – and when mental power exceeds its sensible capacity.

How would the “alien” solve the problem(s)?

It would be nice for the alien to finally explain everything:

  • Our true origins (blowing all the religious zealots out of the water), and finally shed light on why we have all these different religions with different Gods and different calendars. Imagine if that alien said “well, we know for a fact there is no god, you guys are just a random collection of particles that became these psychopathic human beings!!” Hearing that from an “authority” might help.
  • Humans cannot and will not ever be controlled, even in cages. Every single animal on the planet participates in destructive behavior. From mother lions eating their young (because she knows they won’t survive in the wild), to animals within their species killing each other when there is a scarcity of food. Humans are no different despite our so-called advanced intellect. We are just animals. Let’s give up on the attempt to control – and let us be.
  • Religion is two crazy things. One, an attempt to figure out “why we are here,” (including the “singularity.” And two (and more importantly), a way to coerce the many for the benefit of the few. The same applies to most other pyramid-based power structures (all the way down to 3rd grade class president).
  • Collectivism (and socialism) is NOT for the “benefit of mankind,” because most people who were duped into thinking “it’s for the common good,” have NO IDEA there is (are) people secretly benefiting from that “Kumbayah” chant. The alien should show a few good 3-minute YouTube videos for those who cannot grasp it.
  • That there are winners and losers. Always. Trophies and recognition for “participating” is just stupid. You played in the game. You participated. You don’t need a trophy. You sucked, that is why you lost. There will ALWAYS be winners and losers. That is, until the earth blows up. Then we’re all losers – but it doesn’t matter then – because there is no status page to update.
  • The aliens would also remind everyone (in America particularly – but any country) that “the people” significantly outnumber the “controllers.” Or the “Jihadists,” or whomever is threatening your ability to live a life without being bothered. And all “the people” need to do is give a shit about it – and make the turnaround happen. This is not without risk. Yes, lives will get lost – but you sort of need to know what is worth fighting for, right?
  • How cool would it be if those aliens showed like a two-hour documentary of the “Top 50 Lies” humanity was fed in the last 200 years? All the world wars, power struggles, food recommendations, medical atrocities, wealth confiscations and all other violent disregard to human life? I mean show everything. That would change a lot of people’s minds (about the point above and the willingness to fight).

In the end – it’s about peeling back the layers

Most people living today – have little to no understanding about what came before us. Even those that say they do have most likely been given inaccurate information. Brilliant, actually.

Either through revisionist history, or plainly the fact that no one cares, as long as they’re fed and entertained, our history has almost been completely vanquished. And this will forever be the case.

Sure, there are some out there “holding on,” but have been seriously discredited by every play in the book – enough so that they might even been deemed as “not a threat” to anyone. The ones deemed as at threat? Well, they’re just made to disappear. We won’t name names.

But even if those aliens that visited us reached just 10% of the population enough to begin peeling back the layers – that might be the tipping point.

Perhaps if that alien cared about the planet – they might figure out a way to shut the power grid down. That might help jump start the waking up of humanity.

Merry Christmas!

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