Practical Christmas Gifts {last minute!}

Practical Christmas Gifts 2015 (part 10)

Concluding this fun holiday buying guide Practical Christmas Gifts 2015 – today we present the final part 10“LAST MINUTE!”

last minute practical christmas gifts Hoboken NJ - Practical Christmas Gifts {last minute!}

Last minute gifts are often the best in Hoboken!

You gotta admit – sometimes those “forgotten” last minute gifts turn out to be the best, right?

Because more often than not – those “last minute” gifts are usually in the form of some monetary unit. Either cash, check or “gift card” of some kind. There, the recipient can do what they want with the funds!

Here are some of our “last minute” recommendations:

  • AMAZON GIFT CARDS. These are great. Almost EVERYONE uses Amazon at least once a year. The single best online retailer on the planet at the moment. You can get $50 Amazon Gift Cards, $100 Amazon Gift Cards or even $250 Amazon Gift Cards and $500 Amazon Gift Cards for your special person in your life. They will not go without appreciation! (Tip: Buy USED movies. You can get most for about $4 including shipping!)
  • Booze (or booze gift cards). The next best “last minute” gift is always booze. You likely know the preference of your recipient, why not just pick up a bottle or two of what they like? Easy-peasy! Sparrow Wine has the best selection in town – and the best prices. They also offer gift cards too. (be sure to use their 20% case discount if you’re also stocking up your own wine-rack!)
  • Money. Besides limiting yourself to certain retailers – the last choice is “cash” (or check), as money is never unappreciated by anyone, ever. Even if you throw a twenty dollar bill in a disingenuous card – it doesn’t matter. The “cash money” will be welcome!

That’s it for our list for this year! (And don’t forget 411 if you have any money leftover in your budget!)

Here are the previous nine Practical Christmas Gift ideas for reference – (You can always re-use for next year!)

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