7 Fine Arts

7 Fine Arts – A new “gem” in Hoboken, NJ

Opening up a few weeks ago at 159 4th Street is 7 Fine Arts.

7 Fine Arts is owned by Hoboken resident Sheri Alimonda, who has been painting for more than three decades (she’s quite a prolific artist!)

And the purpose of 7 Fine Arts – is to learn how to paint.

7 Fine Arts Hoboken NJ 7 - 7 Fine Arts

Sheri offers classes for both children and adults.

A typical “class pack” goes for $225-$250 for six classes. New students are required to buy supplies (oil painters box is $150 – yours to keep!)

See the various offerings here.

But the good thing is that these are “drop in” classes. Meaning that you don’t really have to stick to a strict schedule. You pay for six classes – you get six classes. Almost unprecedented in Hoboken.

We spent some time with Sheri recently – and were thoroughly impressed. She’s a fantastic teacher, and extremely in tune with her clients. Going as far as to ensure that students (kids especially) are enrolled in the proper type of class. A very clear-minded business woman who is passionate about her craft, and fair to her customers.

This is real art instruction (not “sip and paint” or “paint by numbers” you’ll find elsewhere). You will truly learn how to paint. Isn’t that great? Some of the progress I saw from her students in a short amount of time was astounding.

In addition to classes, 7 Fine Arts also offers painting parties – and some lecture-based art seminars. Additionally – you might want to hire Sheri for commissioned work. Some of the paintings I saw on the wall were good enough to be considered “heirloom” quality that you can hang in your apartment or home for generations.

Description: 7 Fine Arts – Real art instruction. Classes and parties.
Address: 159 Fourth Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 732-299-5488
Email: ArtMural@aol.com
Online: 7finearts.comFacebook

Oh, and stay tuned to that mundane “Security shutter” next door. That’ll be transformed into a gorgeous mural to liven up the neighborhood soon!

7 Fine Arts Hoboken NJ 18 - 7 Fine Arts

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