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Bow Tie Cinemas Hoboken NJ Movie TimesWe won’t talk about Star Wars. Not even a link. Movies receiving that much hype have the opposite effect on us.

So instead of talking about the rest of the mindless movies out this weekend, let’s instead give you a FREE movie here that you can watch. A psychological flick starring only two actors in a room: Closet Land (1991) – starring Madeleine Stowe and Alan Rickman.

“Indian-born, American-educated director Radha Bharadwaj based her allegorical thriller on the work of her husband with Amnesty International. The story concerns The Woman (Madeleine Stowe), a children’s book writer who, in an unspecified country, is abducted from her bed in the middle of the night and imprisoned for writing subversive literature. She declares her books to be pure fantasies, but her well-dressed inquisitor The Man (Alan Rickman) sees the books as allegorical attacks on the State. In the form of a long dialogue between The Man and The Woman, The Man, through psychological and physical torture, attempts to get The Woman to confess. But The Woman endures, refusing to buckle under to The Man’s relentless interrogation.”

Amazing movie. Can’t get it on Blu-Ray or DVD or Netflix – only VHS (used!) So unless you still have a VCR set up, the only way you can watch this is on YouTube.


Hoboken411 Movie Pick: Closet Land

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