Hoverboards: Hoboken firestarters?

Hoverboards after Christmas in Hoboken

As we predicted, there was a noticeable uptick in the number of hoverboards we’ve been seeing around town. I guess it was 2015’s “Cabbage Patch Kid” Christmas gift.

If the QC issues are true – the Hoboken Fire Department should be on their toes.

And what’s with “girls” these days? It appears the girl on the left was touting her stash from Xmas: Beats headphones, NY Giants Jersey, Timberlands and a Hoverboard. What kind of girl wants that crap? Aren’t those BOY things?

(Forget it, I answered my own question…)

hoverboard invasion hoboken NJ

Will Hoverboards be the next big Hoboken Firestarters?


Now that hoverboards have become “cheap,” a lot more of these contraptions are in use in Hoboken.

While it’s personal choice to be a lazy tool and use these lame excuses for walking (or even riding a bike for that matter), there’s now an added catch that should make most people think twice before deciding to use on of these: FIRE.

Yeah, apparently these hoverboards are now such a risk because they explode and catch fire – even Amazon has stopped selling them.

Even with the halt in sales – you can BET that you’ll see a lot more of them around after Christmas.

Odds that one of these dopey toys will be the cause of the next multi-alarm blaze in Hoboken has skyrocketed. So while you may think you’re not bothering anyone by using one – just remember that as you watch half a city block go up in flames because you couldn’t walk!

Here’s an audio segment from Hoboken Internet Radio’s Alice Stockton Rossini you can add to your lump of coal in your stocking:

hoverboards fire hoboken NJ

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015 3:23 pm

i know this young lady you are speaking about and think its shocking you would be speaking about a minor in this manner. I think you should remove this post, this is someone’s daughter. If i were her father, we would def. have a convo. ending with you most likely in some sort of pain.

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