Hoboken Week in Review – 5/4/2008


Your weekly snapshot of the hot topics in Hoboken.

Notes: Hoboken411’s “vacation” was a joke. Been busier than ever. Some new videos coming. May need a heart-rate monitor at some point.

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hoboken411 week in review heartbeat monitor - Hoboken Week in Review - 5/4/2008

Here are the Top 10 articles published or bumped this week that had the hottest overall chat action in Hoboken!

Hottest topics of the week

  1. State of the job market
    Wall Street job cuts cause much discussion.
  2. High Waters
    A bumped video slideshow about flooding gets more traction.
  3. Metrostop
    An update to the Light Rail luxury condo.
  4. Dirty Laundry
    Who cleans your house?
  5. Who’s decent anymore?
    A reader chimes in about common courtesy.
  6. Lead is for kids!
    We need a cute cereal character for our nutritious lead soccer field!
  7. Napping on the job
    A reader angry with a parks employee sparks debate.
  8. Drinking age: Lower?
    Would legalizing the drinking age help Hoboken?
  9. Condos: The good and the bad
    One reader shares their observations about new construction in town.
  10. Will it sell?
    A Hoboken411 fan shares their viewpoints on the Garden Street Lofts condos.


  • 70 foot tall parks
    The mayor resurrects his “rooftop parks” idea a year before upcoming elections…

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