Frank Sinatra’s 100th Birthday

Frank Sinatra’s 100th Birthday in Hoboken, NJ {old school}

As you may have been reminded 100 times throughout 2015 that today, Saturday December 12, 2015 was “Ole’ Blue Eyes'” Frank Sinatra’s 100th Birthday.

While the “Glomming Tsunami” can now officially be put to rest until his 200th Birthday, there were celebrations today throughout town.

Over at Steven’s Institute was the “Walmart version” of the celebration, where everyone who was narcissistic and opportunistic gathered. It was a she-bang that’s for sure!

But earlier this afternoon – a more subdued celebration took place at 415 Monroe Street, the REAL birthplace of Mr. Sinatra.

About 25-30 onlookers gathered for a speech and some coffee and cake to recognize the famous musician and actor who had real roots here in Hoboken (whether he appreciated it or not).

C’mon already. Would Sinatra be giddy about “coffee and cake?”

No way! A REAL Sinatra celebration would have entailed booze, smokes and loose women, along with his swinging pals. I’ll attend the event that re-creates what it was TRULY like to be in the “Rat Pack” back in the day. Those guys had livers of STEEL!

Until then – just minor footnotes in yet another week gone by in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Frank Sinatra real birthday party hoboken NJ december 12 2015

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The Stevens “bash” was just another way for the Museum to exploit Sinatra in order to raise money to pay the salaries of it’s employees. The price of the tickets made it difficult for the little guy to attend, so it turned into a narcissistic event for realtors to promote themselves to each other and political wannabees to convince people that they are somehow relevant.


Any opportunity for a PR plug. I often wonder what his family thinks and feels about using his image, etc with out licensing/family approval. Looking at the guests I don’t know if they have any interest or ever had familiarity with Frank Sinatra.