Rinse your mouth out!

PSA: You should rinse your mouth out (often!)

I have to share this PSA “Public Service Announcement,” because it’s so simple – yet so forgotten!


It’s the simplest thing you can do to benefit your oral health!

Why do we suggest? More money for YOU!

dental bacteria scamEspecially after eating we say, as that helps almost eliminating problem bacteria.

But rinsing your mouth out (just swish some water around) several times a day – will almost eradicate the need for an official “Dentist.” Isn’t that crazy they didn’t teach you that in school?

Simple and profoundly effective.

All the fearsome videos we were forced to watch is crazy. “Maniacal” bacteria attacking our teeth! Stuff we had to use “NOW” in order to prevent those scary bugs from eating us away. What rubbish!

We know the whole dentistry industry is a scam. Probably brought on once over-consumption of sugar took premise.

Sugar – starches – crap

WE now have a real objective to this story.

Avoid sugar first. Then eliminate any excess starches (carbs in 2016.)

Near normal weight can and WILL be yours if:

– you avoid all carbs and starches
– you run from maniacs that suck the wind out of your ideas.

Dentists will fight back!

My guess is – because we’ve offered this FREE way of keeping you teeth clean, that there WILL BE some backlash. Dental social networking will “trend” higher this week for sure.

By properly caring for your teeth and body – you can go decades without getting financially raped by so-called medical “professionals.”

rinse your mouth out

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