Cola beverages are useless {stop drinking!}

Cola beverages are useless {and mind numbing to boot!}

I had to share this.

Coca-Cola recently made some stupid commercial in Mexico, which showed some “happy” scene of white people coming to their country to “share the love” (or whatever that marketing message was supposed to be.)

Apparently – the fact that it WAS “white people,” it irritated some people – and caused Coca-Cola to issue a stupid-ass “apology” for not being “inclusive enough.”

“Coca-Cola issued a rare apology and was forced to pull an online advert which was deemed offensive to Mexico’s indigenous people by consumers, media and advocacy groups in the country.

The ad shows fair-skinned, attractive, young people turning up at an indigenous town bearing gifts of sugary fizzy drinks and a Christmas tree for the overawed locals. The company said its ad, set in the Mixe town of Totontepec in the state of Oaxaca, was meant to “convey a message of unity and joy”. Instead, it “reproduced and reinforced stereotypes of indigenous people as culturally and racially subordinate”, according to activists, who want the company sanctioned by the government’s anti-discrimination commission.”

Holy fucking crap! Why is our world devolving like this?

I see stupid shit like this every day now. The world is not equal. The world is not fair. If you want to have “individuality,” you have to allow people to depict whatever they choose to show in a video, movie, or commercial!

Heck, let’s look at a few examples where you DO NOT see “outrage”:

– Black movies. Hindu movies. Asian movies. Why isn’t there an equal representation of white people? And why are all the white characters blithering buffoons?

– Black movies and “songs” excessively using the word “NIGGER?” Isn’t that offensive? Where are the protests?

– Why do ads show “minorities” excessively? Why can’t commercials show races as an accurate representation of reality (population demographics)?

– As a result, why isn’t EVERYONE outraged at the false representation? Why do most people know this but are afraid to acknowledge it publicly?

What can YOU do to stop this?

Fuck complaining about this any more.

Here’s what YOU can do:

1. Figure out a way to reach you top 5 brands that utilize this bogus tactic to appear “fair and balanced.” Find out how you can get in touch with someone REAL who has the ability to make REAL decisions. Then tell them that you and MILLIONS OF OTHERS will stop using their brand until they can get their shit together.

2. Start a petition or something similar… get names signatures, etc. – and say “WE WILL NOT BUY YOUR STUPID USELESS FUCKING PRODUCT ANYMORE!!” Better yet, you shouldn’t be drinking that toxic shit to begin with! Your voice may be louder based on where you choose to spend your money.

3. Harass their marketing tool-bags. Constant calls, negative emails, even “in-person,” if you’re inclined. Say, “Why in God’s name are you portraying life inaccurately?”

4. Ask yourself this: Why are we coddling the minority? Who cares what the construct is? We decide to do WHAT WE ARE FREE TO DO!! (I.E., see the previous section on movies and why other races are not forced to be “equal.”)

5. Forge ahead. Tell these “PC douchebags” to go to hell. We have freedom in this country. And while this newfangled “witch hunt” type tyranny is very widespread – it doesn’t have to continue. Just like “schoolyard bullying,” it’s easy to stop it. Just have a spine and tell these people to shut the fuck up.

So the net-net of this?

While Coca-Cola is garbage and you shouldn’t drink it – they set a bad example by succumbing to the “PC Police.”

politically correct cola - Cola beverages are useless {stop drinking!}

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