Lazy Litterers

Lazy Litterers in Hoboken {probably weaklings, too}

This type of scene is typical in Hoboken. A depiction of lazy litterers.

Sure, this gargantuan pizza box from 7 Stars Pizza was probably too big to fit into the garbage receptacle. But the can clearly had enough room for these lazy tools to figure out a way.

But in today’s “swipe and tap” age, these entitled scumbags were probably too limp-wristed due to their atrophied arm muscles (thanks, technology!)

A half-asleep baby could have folded that cardboard to fit into the can. But not these guys. It’s now “someone else’s problem,” and back to SnapChat (to talk about nothing) for them.

lazy litterers in Hoboken NJ

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Brian Pearson
Brian Pearson

The littering & lack of respect for our community is getting out of control. I had to do something about it, so made love to my boyfriend until the sun came up & told him that I loved him. All good !