Practical Christmas Gifts 2015 {part 8}

Practical Christmas Gifts 2015 (part 8)

Continuing this fun holiday buying guide Practical Christmas Gifts 2015 – today we present part 8 – “SUPPLEMENTS!”

Practical Christmas Gifts in 2015: Supplements

We’ve talked about supplements in the past – and today’s edition is purely in liquid form.

Other than trying to get most of your nutrition from whole food sources – the next best way to add supplements of any kind is via liquid.

And anyone on your Christmas shopping list who is health-conscious would appreciate any of the suggestions we offer below.

Healthy Supplements liquids fluids

Liquid supplements as part of your health regimen


MCT OilMCT – which is short for Medium-Chain Triglycerides – is a wonderful discovery we made a few years ago. Read more about it here. But some of the profound benefits we’ve experienced are:

  • Aids in weight loss – especially a low-carb program. It helps accelerate ketosis. We take it in our coffee in the morning.
  • Mental clarity. Your ability to concentrate on the task at hand seems easier. Also helps memory for the elderly.

Just introduce it slowly at first, as it may cause a sense of urgency for numero dos.

We like the NOW Foods MCT Oil in the 32 oz. size. Best value.

But there are many other brands of MCT oil to consider. Your results may vary.

Silver for your health

sovereign silverThe science may be “unsettled” regarding using Silver as part of your health routine – as there are many people that swear by it – and “official” sources which issue dire warnings against it’s use.

We use two forms of silver regularly:

Colloidal Silver and Silver first aid gel.

Colloidal Silver is touted to be the ultimate tool for boosting your immune system. We’ve been using the Natural Immunogenics Sovereign Silver Bio-active Silver Hydrosol 32oz for years. Usually one dose (a “shot” under the tongue) in the morning. If you’ve been around sick people, or feel a bit under the weather – a couple more shots during the day. Haven’t been sick since using this.

For superficial use – we like Activz 24ppm Silver Gel. Any kind of skin issue you have – from a cut or scrape, or pesky bug bite – this stuff is wonderful. Takes care of the problem very quickly every single time.

What about Homeopathic?

arnicare gelThere is also a lot of debate about homeopathic healing in general. A very divisive subject. You have some folks that say the entire industry is a hoax, while others who have proven results.

We’re new to this at the moment – and are in the midst of some experimentation. We love being human guinea pigs. But the history of homeopathy is intriguing to say the least, and I’ll see what kind of truth I can attain in my research.

However, one day a few months ago – we purchased a homeopathic pain reliever called Arnicare Gel from Boiron. It’s in the same camp as commercial pain relieving creams like Aspercreme – but minus the pharmaceuticals.

We didn’t know it was “homeopathic” when we first tried it – and used it for a sore knee after a weekend of hiking. And all I can say is “WOW” this stuff works instantly at pretty much eliminating any and all the pain. Not sure how it works – but this stuff rocks.

That’s it for this week. While health products may be a personal decision for the most part – you might have some health nuts on your list that certainly would appreciate helpful products like these.

Don’t forget to catch up on previous Practical Christmas Gift ideas, either!

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