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Parking Dude {Hoboken app release}

Hoboken resident Andrew Impastato (who offers basketball clinics for kids) is releasing a new “app” to help people with parking in town called Parking Dude.

Andrew is no stranger to the app-world, as he’s already built a successful mobile app for NBA Shooting Coach Dave Hopla – so he brings some experience to the table.

It’ll be available first in the Apple App Store on December 18th. Read a little teaser below.

Parking Dude App hoboken nj

Solving vehicular issues in Hoboken with a smart phone app?

  • How much time do you spend a week circling Hoboken trying to find an on-street parking spot?
  • Tired of paying $45 because you forgot to move your car during street cleaning?
  • Annoyed by the confusing parking signs in Hoboken?
  • Friends and family refuse to visit for fear of their car being booted or towed?
  • Have your car shoveled out from the snow or even washed with one click of a button?

A message from the Dude himself…

“Happy Holidays from the Parking Dude team. We are very excited to launch this innovative app in time for the busy holiday season. It is our gift to residents and visitors of the great city of Hoboken, NJ. We have all shared the frustration and confusion of parking mishaps in Hoboken, not to mention the depletion of our bank accounts. It is time to partner with Parking Dude to make our lives less stressful. Our team has spent the last few years researching, developing, and testing this patent pending technology. Parking Dude has been beta tested and approved for release on the Apple App store, December 18th. This technology will make a difference by saving you precious time and money. Help us spread the word and let everyone know that the Parking Dude has arrived!


Andrew Impastato
Founder and CEO
Parking Dude – Hoboken, NJ

Will the Parking Dude app actually succeed?

We spoke to Andrew about this a while ago – and hope his vision is successful.

In order for the Parking Dude app to truly work, we feel that it has to meet a few criteria:

  1. Widespread adoption (relatively quickly)
  2. Insanely easy to use (as few taps as necessary)
  3. Almost perfect accuracy and reliability
  4. The ability to avoid fraud and trickery

The minute it doesn’t work – or is deemed “more trouble than it’s worth,” people will delete the app in a heartbeat. So a lot is riding on whether this technology can and will be successful.

And believe it or not, say the app proves to be wildly successful – one drawback that might present itself in the future will come from city hall. Imagine how the city would scramble if $6 million in parking-related thievery all of a sudden disappeared?

Anyway – download the app on the 18th and see for yourself (Android to be released after).

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Thursday, December 10, 2015 3:29 pm

I can see a cottage industry of homeless people being hired to lay in parking spots for a loose cigarette. In all seriousness I would pay a few bucks later at night to trade someone’s parking spot.

I see major logistical issues with this due to people circling looking for spots and making a dead stop once they see lights come on motioning “Going out?” Maybe they will have a system where you put your hazards on and a code can be generated and then exchanged verbally between the two parties so you know it’s them… like Uber does with the driver.
Imagine making an extra 80-100 a month just giving up your parking spot? I see a city ban on this if embraced and revenue is actually generated. Someone on the council will claim this is creating an unfair advantage to poor people and will create global warming.

Hoping a “pin car location” function is included so street sweeping can be auto notified. This also helps when you park your car when drunk :)

Thursday, December 10, 2015 12:13 am

But what does the app actually do?

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