Holiday Paving! Joy!

Holiday Paving in Hoboken – Are businesses happy?

Well, it finally looks like Observer Highway is set to get paved starting tomorrow. They expect it to take between one and two weeks, weather permitting – possibly until the end of the year.

This certainly won’t help local businesses, as the busiest shopping weeks of the year (two to three weeks before Christmas) will now make downtown Hoboken almost inaccessible due to the road closures and complete removal of parking on some adjacent streets.

This couldn’t wait until January?

And once it’s complete – we’ll see how all these new traffic lights will further bottle up the thoroughfare.

Observer Highway Paving Hoboken NJ December 2015 - Holiday Paving! Joy!

Paving scheduled to begin 12/8/2015

“Construction work to mill and pave Observer Highway will begin on or about Tuesday, December 8th, 2015. The roadway will be repaved from Hudson Street to the firehouse east of Madison Street. A portion of Henderson Street will also be repaved as part of the project. Milling is expected to take 3 to 5 days, followed by 3 to 5 days for paving, weather permitting. To expedite the project and minimize traffic disruptions, the City Council has authorized work to occur until 8:00pm as well as on Saturdays, if necessary.

All efforts will be taken to maintain traffic during construction and minimize the most disruptive work during peak commuting hours, however drivers are urged to consider alternate routes if possible since temporary closures will be required during paving operations. Officers from the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office, Hoboken Police Department, and New Jersey Transit Police will be on hand to direct traffic.

Vehicles parked on Vezzetti Way must be moved by Monday, December 7th at 8:00am so that construction can proceed. In the case that detours are needed to accommodate buses and other large vehicles, there will be no parking permitted starting on Tuesday, December 8th along the following streets:

• South side of 1st Street from Marshall Street to Hudson Street
• South side of Newark Street from Washington Street to Willow Avenue
• Both sides of Willow Avenue for a half block south of Newark Street
• Both sides of Hudson Street for a half a block south of 1st Street
• East side of Washington Street from Newark Street to 1st Street

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