Abandon the “Climate Change League”

Time to abandon the “Climate Change League” FOREVER

A little bit off the beaten path. This is my take on how everyone should just “give up” participating in what I’ve coined as the “Climate Change League” (or CCL).

My analogy is making comparison to other “tribe mentality” venues – especially sports, like the NFL and MLB. The CCL is like that – but with no winner. Ever.

While baseball and football are “simple” sports, they have simple games and simple rules. Annual winners and losers. Geographical ties. Family tradition. Some controversy, and lots of consumer spending (apparel, betting, fantasy leagues). We certainly don’t think it’s worthwhile to humanity – at least it’s fairly cut and dry, and in the end – just an entertaining distraction for the masses as they unknowingly allow themselves to be financially raped and pillaged.

But the CCL has the same, or even MORE “fanatical” tribes (uselessly) battling one another. It seems to have the intensity of all major sports leagues COMBINED! And with no clearly identifiable winner at all. How in God’s name did this happen?

Climate Change League stop watching

Two “divisions” in the Climate Change League (CCL)

For sake of visualization – there are two distinct “divisions” (literally) in the Climate Change League (CCL): The “GloBull Warming” Division and the “Crazy Climate Change Deniers” Division.

Those “teams” would be something along these lines:

GloBull Warming:

Gubbmint Boo-Ocrats
Fleecing Eco-Warriors
Liberal Luddites
Sho-Mee-Green Cronies
Greedy Psycho-Scientists

Crazy Climate Change Deniers:

Biggy Oilers
Tin Foilers
Consolidated Con-Trailers
New World Dis-Orders
Neo-Con Bonfires

But there is no “winning” for anyone except those who directly benefit from this (essentially useless) debate.

Just like professional sports – The people that “pick a team” to root for NEVER receive any of the financial benefits whatsoever. Heck, there isn’t even a betting line you can wager on in the CCL.

So YOU HAVE NO TRUE BENEFIT AT ALL to “pick a side.”

Best bet altogether is to stop watching this debate.

The sad thing is that it would take a nearly 100% population refusal to acknowledge this “league” in order for it to effectively dissolve. And that will never happen as long as propaganda and emotions have been introduced into this mix. People are too disjointed to “get it,” and finally kick the CCL to the curb.

When did the CCL start? How? Why?

Remember that infamous “global warming” ozone hole TIME Magazine cover back in the 80’s? As far as we’re concerned, that was the time when the whole faux “debate” started escalating in intensity.

And of course, that total dope Al Gore (who I don’t know why even gets any recognition whatsoever) glommed on the bandwagon – it boosted the propaganda even more. Those were good times for the fear-mongerers, as online communication was in it’s infancy and they had more control over the message.

Now, in 2016 – despite nothing major happening on Earth – the debate has really reached a boiling point. No longer is scientific data debated – or even trusted anymore considering the blatant manipulation and distrust of such data. You can’t believe jack shit about ANY of it anymore.

The “children” in the CCL now resort to nothing but ad-hominem attacks, and claim (because some scientist somewhere mentioned what they said are valid numbers) that “climate change” is settled, and that humans are 100% to blame for it all.

Meanwhile they ignore the power of the sun, and other theories about what happened before our technological revolution.

Humans have such a LITTLE understanding of what this planet, let alone our solar system and the rest of the universe really means, and we’re crunching numbers we can’t say for sure mean anything at all considering our (purported) massive time line?

It’s all about money, power, ego and control

The shift in the “climate change” debate – coincides almost perfectly with the political change in America.

Knowing that “you can’t change minds overnight” is akin to boiling a frog. You have to warm the water slowly. So that is what’s been happening over the past three or so decades. Little here, little there. A bit of change to the school curriculum, a few more MSM news reports, radio debates and so-on, and before you know it – the majority of “minds” in the developed world all of a sudden have a new thing to talk about (and believe in).

Is this is why almost over night – the climate change debate “is settled,” and completely “indisputable?” Meanwhile there are tens of thousands of acclaimed scientists who offer compelling debates against. Yet their “airtime” is stifled. It’s crazy to see how “mob rules” have eradicated fair debate.

The whole discussion is so disjointed and spread thin – that it may be impossible to have a sensible discussion whatsoever anymore. People don’t have the patience to truly “peel back the layers,” and investigate both the history and origin, as well as the validity of whatever “data” is being spewed out.

Just remember this if you have chosen a side in this debate:
1. You benefit in NO WAY on either side (unless you have a financial or political interest), and
2. They can’t even accurately predict the weather three days out for a metropolitan area, and you expect their data about the entire Earth to have any validity whatsoever?
3. Maybe your time is better spent on other more productive things.

That’s it for today. It’ll be fascinating to see where this society-dividing debate eventually lands. On the way out – here’s a five-minute video that sums up the lunacy of the whole debate – explains part of the reason why it’s ridiculous, and offers a logical way to kind of put it to rest. Of course, this relies on everyone being objective, which is next to impossible itself.

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