Emboldened Graffiti “artists”

Hoboken “Ego” graffiti tagger will strike again?

In yesterday’s post about the “societal message” tagged on a bench at Pier C Park over the weekend, we forgot to mention one (semi-important) thing.

While we think the “message” this graffiti “artist” was communicating was GOOD, their choice to deface a WOODEN bench exhibited poor judgment. A brick wall can be easily painted over. That? Not so much. Either way, causing inconvenience for others is not cool. So we disapprove.

But we discovered that it is apparent that this graffiti vandal was “proud” they did not get caught at Pier C Park. So much so (we believe), that they BRAGGED about it on their way “home” by tagging in the alleyway near 5th & Court Street “DIDN’T GET CAUGHT!”

I think they will become emboldened enough to try this again. And again. Eventually, their cockiness will get them caught. Not that they’re a prime candidate for a job or anything.

asshole graffiti artist hoboken nj - Emboldened Graffiti "artists"

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015 6:51 pm

Or maybe talking about the local politics of delay?

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