Bi-weekly Hoboken water main breaks

Suez Sez: “Two water main breaks a month” (but look at our bike lanes!)

In yesterday’s (heavily edited, missed the main point) “news” report about the Hoboken Water Main breaks, representatives from Suez Water said that Hoboken averages around two water main breaks a month.

This is mainly due to the COMPLETE LACK OF MAINTENANCE by the city of Hoboken (who fully OWNS ALL RESPONSIBILITY for their upkeep).

Our rough guess is that we’ll have about a DOZEN more water main breaks before the first day of spring (as the change to colder weather exacerbates the fragile infrastructure).

Regardless, Suez said that the cost to upgrade the “Top 40” worst mains would cost $15 million dollars.

Frankly, that’s nothing compared to what Hoboken blows on utterly worthless expenditures (like $2 million in crony attorney fees per year), and there’s no reason Hoboken can’t pay for that and get it done. “mayor” Zimmer has redevelopment plans floating around that are a lot bigger than $15 million (not that she’s actually built anything whatsoever other than a mountain of sugar-coated press-releases), but this shows the infrastructure upgrades can and should be made a priority.

Here’s yesterday’s “news” report again in case you missed the (edited for brevity and lack of truth) nugget of information.

Hoboken water main break headquarters monroe street

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Don’t forget the 4.4 million for kayaks that no one uses AND we are on the hook for the bonds!


Always have bottled water on hand! Lots of it.