Hoboken Developers: Larry Bijou {part II}

Hoboken Developers: Larry Bijou {part 2 of a series}

Yesterday, we posted Part One of our interview with developer Larry Bijou, where he talked about his history, the advent of “eco-friendly” living spaces, and why the higher cost is worth it.

In today’s Part Two, Bijou talks about future projects getting underway here in Hoboken, and some of the challenges he faces working with antiquated 50+ year-old zoning code the city hangs onto like a Linus blanket.

And as the Gravity Vault rock-climbing gym moves forward, find out who else is moving up in town to make your shopping and gastronomic dreams come true:

Read more about Bijou Properties here.

Developer Larry Bijou Hoboken Podcast Part 2 - Hoboken Developers: Larry Bijou {part II}

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