Hoboken Developers: Larry Bijou {part I}

Hoboken Developers: Larry Bijou {part 1 of a series}

Perhaps no builder in Hoboken has had more of an impact than Larry Bijou managing partner of Bijou Properties. He built New Jersey’s first LEED Gold residential high rise and he was the first to experiment with roof top gardens.

Beyond developing sustainable buildings, Bijou Properties is committed to developing sustainable communities, weaving commercial spaces, schools, entertainment areas, and a robotic parking garage into an environmentally friendly landscape.

In part one of a 3 part series with Hoboken Internet Radio, Bijou talks about his first building in Hoboken, the state’s first environmentally friendly hi-rise building, green roofs, and how “going green” is worth the price premium.

Read more about Bijou Properties here.

Developer Larry Bijou Hoboken Podcast Part 1 - Hoboken Developers: Larry Bijou {part I}

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Ricardo Roig
Ricardo Roig
Tuesday, December 1, 2015 4:43 pm

Just want to send a big thank you to Mr. Bijou for thinking of local artists and creating opportunities for us to share our work with our Hoboken community within your developments. I was the first artist to exhibit in the Garden Street Lofts new gallery space in their lobby and it offered me great exposure and helped me to sell a few pieces of work. The Garden Street Mews hosts the Family Farmer’s Market seasonally on Saturdays and in my first few years showing my work it helped to get my name out and connect me with many collectors. I hope other developers in Hoboken follow Bijou’s lead to also consider their local artists and provide us opportunities to share with our community. Hoboken has many art lovers and many talented artists, we just need developers to create spaces within their buildings to connect us.

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