Hoboken City Council Meeting

Hoboken City Council Meeting of December 2, 2015

Inspect Hoboken City Council meeting documents below – and click here at 7:00pm to watch live video stream.

A few items of note for tonight’s meeting:

  • As always, cost increases for pretty much every contract the city signs. Great negotiators we have downtown.
  • The city is “begging” the county to pay for paving of 1st Street.
  • $600 grand for a new fire “command vehicle.” Anyone know what these things actually do?

Hoboken City Council Meeting December 2 NJ - Hoboken City Council Meeting

I wonder if any of the bobble-heads will pony up a lame explanation as to why city water mains go neglected while rental bicycles and bike lanes seem to be the number one priority!

Hoboken City Council Documents for December 2, 2015

Click to view documents below.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015 12:08 pm
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