Truth Graffiti (not bad at all!)

Truth Graffiti in Hoboken {hint: Look up!}

A fascinating piece of “truth graffiti” over at Pier C Park in Hoboken over the weekend.

What might be better called a “piece of art,” says “Your ego is leaking – Free yourself!”

Next to that phrase is some visuals of faces, and what appear to be “bleeding” eyeballs.

My guess is this “artist” gets what is happening in our society right at this moment. The so-called “advancements” of technology once again expose yet another flaw of the human species.

We got a long way to go before humanity rights this ship, that’s for sure!

Pier C Park Hoboken NJ Truth Graffiti - Truth Graffiti (not bad at all!)

Here are some recommended books on ego-centrism and narcissism if you’re interested in learning more:

There are many other books out there – but these were just a small sample of ones on our (rapidly growing) library of reference books.

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Monday, November 30, 2015 9:45 pm

I find it hard to believe you spend an entire post railing against society yet you fail to mention how someone’s selfish acts have screwed up a beautiful part of Hoboken for everyone else. Instead you just encouraged more acts like this which make our town worse off for everyone. Nice use of your platform.

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