Made in China – not so bad!

China replaces overpass in 43 hours. Never happen here in USA

Hoboken can’t even keep a freshly paved road smooth for more than one day – you think we’d ever see amazing “progress” like they make in China?

In the (time-lapse) video below – they completely replaced and retrofitted a highway overpass in just 43 frickin’ hours.

China also built a nearly 60 story high-rise in less than three weeks.

In Hoboken, they squabble over mere “plans” for re-development FOR DECADES. Before a stitch of ANYTHING is done. Talk, talk and more talk is a colossal waste of time and lost opportunities. All in the name of “ego, power and control” of a few bone-headed nimrods.

When you have a billion people willing to work instead of expecting free “gub’mint handouts,” this is what you get – instead of an obese nation of complainers and political hacks!

A lot of Americans bash “Made in China” (including us) – but the more you look into it – who’s fault is it? Yep. OURS.

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