“Hoboken doesn’t give a damn”

Disabled & Elderly say: “Hoboken doesn’t give a damn”

Considering it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow, we felt the need to represent voices in Hoboken we’ve been talking to over the past few months. About what? Well, regarding the very lackluster job the city appears to be doing for those who don’t have as “regular” a life as the most of us do: The elderly and disabled.

Those we’ve spoken with conclude: “The city doesn’t give a damn!”

Let’s review just some of the issues that have been handled in a shoddy way by the City of Hoboken (in no particular order):

What, disabled people don’t need water all of a sudden?

Well, for starters – during our most recent epic water main break – it appears that NO PROVISIONS were made for those who had accessibility problems. No one from the city, or even local religious organizations reached out to the elderly, blind or otherwise disabled to help them with the clean water that was being disseminated. I guess water (the main source of life) doesn’t rank as high as shuttles to the shopping district.

united water truck no help to the disabled or elderly in hoboken - "Hoboken doesn't give a damn"

Curb Cuts not making the cut!

Another problem are the so-called “curb cuts” in most intersections of town. These are supposed to be LEVEL at all times with the street. However, there are DOZENS around town that have gone un-inspected, and many people have fallen and suffered injuries as a result of the town’s lack of oversight on these implements. Aren’t they supposed to be inspected every year? How do they become so bad?

curb cut trip and fall hoboken nj - "Hoboken doesn't give a damn"

Sidewalk cycling – and lack of enforcement

We’ve talked about the rampant cycling on sidewalks many times. This is, by city law, unlawful. Yet people recklessly ride every day all over town. This causes hazardous conditions for the elderly and those who cannot react as fast as others.

bikes on sidewalks hoboken - "Hoboken doesn't give a damn"

Fine-print Crosswalks

Back in the day – the crosswalks were simple. A large icon of a pedestrian – along with a large arrow (see below):
old hoboken crosswalks simple - "Hoboken doesn't give a damn"

Today? Crosswalk signs resemble legal contracts (i.e., “fine print”) and are NOT easy for everyone to ready. It can also cause confusion among the elderly. Those lawyers really are short-sighted, aren’t they?
new hoboken crosswalks complicated - "Hoboken doesn't give a damn"

Handicap Bathrooms at City Hall

Apparently – there is one “wheelchair accessible” bathroom in the basement of city hall. And from what we understand, that is IT. It is not even properly set up for people of ALL disabilities, including those with vision problems. And why isn’t there one on the main floor, where the courtroom is? I bet if the “mayor” had some debilitating circumstance, those bathrooms would be modified in a heart beat.

There are many other issues in the city that we’ll cover another day.

But considering this is a time where we reflect on things to be thankful for, perhaps one thing you can add to your annual list is:
“Thankful you’re not one of the less fortunate living in Hoboken.”

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