Uptown Hoboken Developments

Uptown Hoboken Developments {pretty neat!}

Last year, one developer had a great plan for a bowling alley, rock climbing gym and a few residential buildings. This would have started the motion of making the dilapidated NW section of Hoboken into a safer, more viable place. However, the city put the kibosh on that plan because – well, we’re not exactly sure what the real reason was. They said it was because the whole “plan” wasn’t ready yet – but we feel it was part personal, and part egotistical control-freakishness.

But the owners of Gravity Vault (the climbing gym) had to find a place in town – and they started working with Bijou Properties – who had a chunk of land on 15th Street between Willow & Clinton.

So in addition to this much-wanted fitness facility, other developments include a “high-end furniture store” next to Battaglia’s, with other commercial space above.

Gravity Vault Uptown Hoboken Developments Bijou Properties - Uptown Hoboken Developments

What value does the Hoboken ZBA add?

As expected, the Hoboken “Zoning Board of Adjustments” (a.k.a., kids who were picked on in school who spend the rest of their lives “getting revenge”), is apparently slowing down this development to a crawl. They’re having a public meeting this Monday, November 30th at 7pm in the basement of city hall if you’re interested in attending to show your support.

So the city has some objections regarding traffic and parking. Even though there are several garages nearby which will likely be able to accommodate any drivers, and that most people that use fitness facilities in Hoboken WALK or ride their bikes – it appears to be a non-issue. Plus, people who enjoy rock-climbing as part of their fitness regimen now have to use their cars anyway to find places outside of Hoboken. So adding this feature to town may likely reduce the vehicular traffic!

The odd thing is – that Bijou currently has the full “green light” to build a 6 story industrial building without needing any “permission” from the city. Wouldn’t that be a bummer for the (potentially) vibrant neighborhood?

So Bijou has voluntarily reduced the height and density of their proposed project – and all they’re asking for is for the variance to be changed to allow commercial businesses.

If we lived near here, we’d definitely prefer an active commercial property over a toilet seat manufacturing plant, that’s for sure!

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Saturday, December 12, 2015 11:40 am

I live in this part of town, and I hope this project is approved. We need things to do besides another fake Irish bar (what is he appeal of these places?) and a nail salon. The idiocy of this process is that there could be a building put there which contributes nothing to our community, would likely have tons of trucks coming and going, and such – as you noted.

Maybe this people down in city hall can get another rubble pile like the awesome one we have in the neighborhood now? Or maybe another gas station or something? I cannot understand the thought process of blocking this project.

It just makes me think…another cool thing will goto Jersey City or Queens or Brooklyn.

Plus with all the kids growing up in Hoboken these days a healthy alternative to many of the other things they could be doing in our area would bring people in to the sport, help them love the outdoors (because indoor climbing is the gateway to outdoor climbing, very often).

We’ve thought of moving out of Hoboken, after pushing 20 years, because we spend so much of our time in other towns, because frankly they have more to offer. Meanwhile nearly all our friends have moved to JC because there is more to do. Just go walk around Grove Street area these days and it put Hoboken to shame.

Reply to  ntableman
Sunday, December 13, 2015 12:12 am

In door climbing is the gateway to outdoor climbing like Citibike is the gateway for cycling adventure. All it does is develop poor habits for not being placed with the proper equipment , training and environment. Amazed at how little actual sports recreation kids in Hoboken get especially since they stay in strollers many years past the point they should be walking.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015 11:56 pm

Oh I hope this comes to Hoboken! It would be huge, and definitely inspire copy cats which is good for everyone.

Reply to  ou812
Tuesday, December 1, 2015 6:52 pm

Huge traffic jam into Hoboken and up the viaduct. Should have been on the west side.

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