Gyms: Weekend plans?


A while back, a reader was wondering if any Hoboken fitness centers offered “weekends only” plans for members. Because he had a corporate membership to a gym near his office in the City, and often didn’t want to schlep to Manhattan just for a quick workout. Nor did he want to pay for two full memberships.

So I got on the phone (very rare) and rang all the gyms in town up to find some answers.

In a nutshell, no Hoboken gym offers an true discounted weekend plan at the current time. One gym did, but it was hardly worth it. Most facilities had daily rates, but that too, could add up if you go most weekends. Hey Hoboken gyms, maybe you might want to start offering something like this? It’ll give you an edge over your competition.


If I can read my chicken scratch right, here’s what I came up with:

Options for weekend workouts

(in no particular order – not including any applicable (and senseless) “enrollment fees” )

  • Empire fitness: No weekend plan. Monthly membership is $69/month. Daily rate is $20.
  • Hudson Athletic Club (HAC): No weekend plan. Monthly membership is $76/month. Daily rate $20.
  • New York Sports Clubs (NYSC): No weekend plan. $80/monthly. $25 daily. They do offer a passport that lets you work out in any NYSC (good if you’re near one in the City) for $95/month.
  • Sky Club Fitness: Weekend Plan: $85/month. Regular Membership: $95/month (Makes no sense?) Daily pass is $25.
  • Supreme Fitness: No answer. Are they still open?
  • Club KO: No weekend plans. $20/day. Forgot to ask the monthly membership dues.
  • Club H: I believe I called them, but cannot find my notes. Anyone?
  • YMCA: No weekend plan. Monthly is $100, or three months for $199. It’s $20/day or $5/day if you go with an existing member.

Is this a sensible option for gyms to offer?
Is there a strong desire for such a thing?
What would be a fair monthly fee for a plan like this?

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[quote comment=”80776″]Speaking of gyms…I stll think Empire Fitness is the worst gym value in Hoboken. Even if it was $5 a month, it would still be the worst value.
Signing up for a membership there is like getting back together with an ex….they make all sorts of promises about how they are going to change and make things better. But once you agree and sign up – BAM! It’s just the same old shit day in and day out. Never changes :cry:[/quote]

and breaking up with an ex after you get back together with them is almost impossible….same as breaking up with empire!


If you Join CLUB H in the month of MAY, it’s ONLY $50 and Your Entire Fee goes to The American Cancer Society and the Hoboken Relay For Life.

You can also do their SPIN FOR LIFE on May 17, for $25 a call.

Check it all out at Events.Cancer.Org/RFLHobokenNJ
(click on pic to enlarge)

All part of Hoboken’s May For Relay


In June/July Club H has their annual anniversary sale and charges $1-$5 for the initiation fee, depending on what year they are celebrating. NYSC does this in Jan of every year and charges $20.08 for inititian fees depending on the year. (IE-2007= $20.07 fee, etc) NYSC also offers roomate/family member deals (4-5 each) to all their sales staff twice a yr (June and December) where the rates are $35-$55 per month locked in. So if you’re friends with a staff member there, get your hands on one of these passes. Club H offers corporate deals fot tons of business in JC/Hobo, call your HR dept and see if they have any linked to your company or ask abotu how you can work a deal out. My company just signed a deal for $475 for the year = $39.58 per month with no fees.


[quote comment=”80806″]NYSC is great if you like working out in a damp basement.[/quote]
or if you actually work outside of hoboken and have acces to all clubs in the Big Apple…duh. nobody goes to the one near the PATH. Or THAT is certainly not why they join NYSC..


NYSC is great if you like working out in a damp basement.