More free portraits!


Just like he did at the Monroe Center Artists Tour a while ago, photographer Craig Wallace Dale will be doing it again at this weekends Arts & Music Festival.


Free Portraits

by Renowned Photographer at the Hoboken Art and Music Festival

On Sunday, May 4, noted portrait photographer and artist Craig Wallace Dale will bring his “Logo Project”
to the Hoboken Spring Art and Music Festival. Anyone wearing clothing with a predominant brand logo will receive a free portrait and participate in a work of art.

“The project was conceived to be a collection of attitudes and ideas about the interplay between personal identity and brand display.” Dale notes, “So far I have made twenty-five free portraits and interviews and the results are rich and incredibly varied.”

Dale’s goal for the Art and Music Festival is to make fifty free portraits.

This is a unique opportunity to get a free portrait by a photographer whose work has been seen in The New York Times, Barrons, People, Voyaging, Ladies’ Home Journal and others. Additionally, the work will be exhibited in July at the Wood Art Center in Montpelier, Vermont.

Everyone is welcome and anyone wearing logo clothing is eligible for a free portrait after answering a few simple questions. No appointment is necessary, portraits will be made on a first come first served basis in Dale’s portable studio at the festival. For further information please email or call 201-681-8400.

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