TransitScreen arrives in Hoboken

NJ First: TransitScreen unveiled at Park + Garden in Hoboken

Bijou Properties Unveils First TransitScreen Displays in New Jersey

“Installations Advance Sustainability for the City of Hoboken”

“In an effort to champion responsible transportation and support smart urban growth, Bijou Properties has partnered with TransitScreen in Hoboken, NJ to provide real-time, location-based transportation availability to residents 24 hours a day. Updates from NJ Transit bus & rail, PATH, and NY Waterway ferry are showcased on two large HD TVs in the lobby of Bijou’s Park + Garden, a luxury apartment building designed for LEED Gold certification. Bijou’s TransitScreen displays are the first installations in New Jersey and second in the Metro NY region.

park + garden Hoboken NJ lobby transitscreen

“We utilized innovative green building practices and modern technology at Park + Garden to create a sustainable urban apartment building for residents,” says Larry Bijou, managing partner of Bijou Properties. “TransitScreen plays an important role in this by providing real-time, detailed information on NY Waterway, PATH, and NJ Transit to encourage use of mass transportation options, as well as local bike and car share services. This pioneering system will enhance our residents’ daily lives and support our goal of promoting a healthier, cleaner lifestyle for residents at Park + Garden and throughout the City of Hoboken.”

TransitScreen is a Washington-DC & San Francisco-based transportation technology company promoting sustainable urban mobility through access to real time information. TransitScreen displays are time- and cost-savings amenities which invigorate buildings and in public spaces while also offering a sustainable transportation demand management (TDM) tool for transit-oriented developments and large employers. Today, there are live displays in 20 metro areas across North America. Clients span various industries and geographies including commercial real estate, transit agencies, universities, hospitals, tech companies, smart cities, and nonprofits.

“We are thrilled to work with Bijou Properties,” said TransitScreen cofounder Ryan Croft. “Given Bijou’s commitment to sustainability, it’s a natural fit. We will work together to improve access to sustainable transportation and promote walkable, bike-friendly, and transit-oriented communities.”

“After reading Bijou Properties was named 2013 Green Business of the Year by the Hoboken Chamber of Commerce, we felt strongly they were going to continue to be thought leaders in the New York metro area,” said Jay Tedino, TransitScreen City Manager. “Larry and David have an eye for the future of real estate and we look forward to our growing partnership with 900 Monroe St. next.”

About TransitScreen

TransitScreen is a transportation software and digital signage company and a pioneer in providing real-time transit information displays. The TransitScreen service is a live, real-time display of all transportation choices at a specific location (including subway, bus, train, bikeshare, and carshare). Founded in 2012, TransitScreen makes transit information more accessible, viewable and engaging so that commuters, visitors, residents and employees can make informed transit decisions. TransitScreen is a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) solution to create sustainable, walkable, bike-able cities of the future and inform citizens, promote behavior change, and reduce parking and traffic on city streets. Today, thousands of people live and work in institutions, organizations, companies and shops displaying our multimodal transit information.

TransitScreen provides a public transit information display linked to a highly adaptable, cost-effective web service, currently available in 30 regions across North America, including the greater New York metro area, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC, Toronto, and Vancouver.

411 NOTE: We think the screen is a convenient idea. But c’mon guys – how does a simple timetable (similar to what’s been in transit stations for decades) translate into frickin’ “sustainability?” How does a screen showing transit options every single person who hasn’t lived their whole life in a rain-forest already knows by heart? Like I said, it’s a neat idea, but why must every press release make things out for what they’re not? We’ll talk about this some other time. But it’s just a screen with some data on it!!! Sigh. (End of Rant).

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411, thanks for featuring TransitScreen!

I come to Hoboken from DC a lot to visit friends, and for me (and many others) buses aren’t intuitive or easy to use. Having specific information about upcoming bus destinations and times (which are typically real time and GPS based — not just timetables) makes it way easier to use the bus system. Not to mention ferries, PATH, and everything else.

As for sustainability, our goal is to help people think transit first. Hoboken has lots of personal cars, and switching your trip from personal car to transit saves essentially all the gasoline used in that trip. Consider that most of the energy used by a LEED Gold building like Park + Garden is used by the cars people drive to get there, and you’ll see why we believe transportation is essential for sustainability!