Practical Christmas Gifts 2015 {part 5}

Practical Christmas Gifts 2015 (part 5)

Continuing this fun holiday buying guide Practical Christmas Gifts 2015 – today we present part 5 – “For the LADIES!”

Practical Christmas Gifts in 2015: For Women

Last week, we suggested some “gender-specific” practical Christmas Gifts for MEN.

Today, with the help of a female friend – we offer the same for the other gender. Sorry, there will absolutely be NO “transgender” gift ideas this year. Or ever. You’re either a man or a woman. Period.

Anything warm – scarf, hat, mittens

scarves for women practical christmas giftsYou can never have too many scarves, because they are not just warm- they transform any outfit you wear. Those ladies who work in chilly offices may even keep them on all day long during the chilly months.

As for hats and mittens, these are a little harder to pick out for another person (size and taste may make the choice harder), but if you really know the person you are shopping for, go for it! The trouble with these items is that they can be pricey depending on the designer, but shop around for bargains, and when you find one buy a scarf for every lady on your list if you can!

Revive old shoes in purgatory!

A gift certificate to cobbler in town to fix forgotten old shoes/boots, or gift certificate for dry cleaner/seamstress to fix or clean items. This would help ladies in your life get a fresh start in the New Year with some old but loved things.

Everyone has shoes and boots that they once loved, which might sit around in “purgatory” for some time until deciding it’s time to junk them. All the while, there is a wish to bring them back to their former glory, but other expenses seem to get in the way. This would be a perfect gift for a girl who has heels or boots that have seen better days due to walking on miles and miles of pavement. Giovanni D’Italia Footwear is the go to place in Hoboken. Your mileage will vary in other cities.

Also grouped with this gift is the drycleaner/seamstress gift certificate. Sometimes it’s really nice to not have to pay a lot of money towards the constant upkeep of our wardrobe, and it’s also nice to fix ripped sweaters/blouses/pants/skirts and not so wastefully discard them in favor of another garment that is probably less likely to be the same quality. We’re not sure if they even have gift certificates – but the best tailor / seamstress in town is Italmoda on Jefferson Street.

Stainless steel cookware

Cooks Standard stainless steel cookware

Cooks Standard is the best value

No matter what anyone else will tell you, this is the holy grail of cookware.

Quality cookware made of stainless steel doesn’t go out of style, will never be thrown into the endless “good-for-your-health vs. bad-for-your-health” debate like virtually every other cooking surface out there, and can go right into the dishwasher and come out sparkling clean and DRY (if you unload a dishwasher every day of your life, this is huge).

This will be the pot a woman uses to teach her grand kids how to cook – that’s how long it will last. And even though some options may be expensive, think back over how often you see her use Christmas presents from the last ten years… Sometimes? Rarely? You will never see the constant use of any other gift as much as a simple stainless steel pot.

Highly recommended are Cooks Standard Stainless Steel products. As good as the “trendy ones” at a fraction of the price.

What are perfect (practical Christmas gifts) for ladies you know?

Don’t forget to catch up on previous Practical Christmas Gift ideas, either!

practical christmas gifts for women 2015

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