Hoboken is “parking hell!”

Parking hell in Hoboken. Not heavan!

Parking in Hoboken is at an all time “worst.” It’s always been bad, but with recent implements like those stupid “sticks” all over the place, life as you know it in town has hit skid row. It’s not even safer for pedestrians – because the pedestrians themselves are the ones responsible for their own fate!

All you can say is “why?” Why go through so many motions to have NO impact, quite possibly a NEGATIVE impact on the general well-being of the city?

Anyway – today we’ll share a debacle a local resident had to endure – for parking in front of their own driveway (which is legal). The bullshit runaround, hassle and incompetence is mind-boggling.

Whatever “laws” a particular city enacts are supposed to make life easier, more cut and dry. Our stupid fucking laws just diminish the overall “quality of life” for everyone. It has to stop eventually.

Parking Hell in Hoboken

Hoboken Parking Issues are the WORST

“I am writing to explain my disappointment with Hoboken Parking Utility. On Saturday, November 14th, I was given a ticket for “Overtime Meter Parking” at 305 Willow (see attached picture below).

My car was parked outside, on the street in front of my driveway (blocking my own garage access) at 303 Willow which is not a metered spot! I have a Residential permit tag as well as a Driveway Permit (Which I have found most people in Hoboken don’t even know it exists) placed in my car. The Residential tag is placed in the back corner and the driveway permit lies on the front dashboard above my steering wheel. I pay $200 each month to have the luxury of a garage and driveway spot – as you can imagine paying all of that money each month, I don’t park anywhere but that spot.

A few things to note here:

  1. This happened to me 6 months ago where the meter man wrote that I was parked at 507 Willow for Overtime Meter parking. I went to the HPU facility and explained that I was not parked there; in fact, I was parked outside of my own driveway. After several phone calls and visits, the ticket was removed.
  2. 305 Willow is NOT a metered parking spot. It is reserved for a Handicap tag with a specific number.
  3. 303 Willow is NOT a metered parking spot. It is a driveway spot with garage access.

I called HPU on Saturday night and explained the situation to them once I saw the ticket. They told me to come down on Monday when a supervisor would be there and they could have it removed.

I went to HPU afterward to be told that “it is not possible” to remove the ticket from the system. He asked me to come back the next day when he and the other supervisor would be there so they could look at the issue. I explained that the ticket from 6 months ago was removed so I don’t understand why we cannot remove this one??

The next day, the supervisor explained to me that the ticket from 6 months ago was removed because 507 willow isn’t actually a metered area. I once again explained that 305 Willow nor 303 Willow (where I park) are NOT metered spots either! While the block between 3rd and 4th on Willow Avenue does have metered spots, 305 and 303 Willow are NOT included in the metered parking as you would not put a meter at a Handicap spot or at a driveway.

The retarded meter man was wrong to issue this ticket. He made a mistake and was not looking at the area where he ticketed. He wrongly assumed my spot was a metered spot when it is a driveway. There needs to be a way to remove this ticket.

The supervisor ended the conversation today saying there was nothing that he could do and that I would have to go to court. By now you’re probably thinking, “Wow, all of this over a $30 ticket?” I could easily go online and pay the ticket, but it’s not about the money at this point, it’s about the principle. It is WRONG to wrongfully ticket someone and then have no other option but to make them go to court. I am not going to plead guilty (pay) for something that I didn’t do. The meter men need to be properly trained if they are going to have the ability to give out tickets on streets that are not entirely metered areas.

After leaving HPU terribly upset this morning, I made the decision to call the court to let them know that I would attend my date on November 30th at 9:00am. The woman on the phone explained the court times in the evening are at 6pm and mornings are 9am. This is a HUGE inconvenience because I am working from 9-6pm. The system makes it inconvenient for innocent people to even attempt to plead not guilty!

A few hours later, the woman from the court called me and explained that Monday November 30th actually isn’t even a court date. She said Mondays are never an option and there are only certain days that they do it!!! In her own words, “Sorry, we have a lot of new guys out there!”

So not only was I given a ticket for a non-metered spot, which I wasn’t parked at, now I find out that the court date listed on the ticket wasn’t even correct. It goes back to proving the point that these workers are not properly trained!!

I want this ticket removed from my account and I will go to court if that’s what I have to do, but there is a much larger issue here. This is the second time in 6 months; I don’t want to have to deal with the phone calls, HPU visits, and court dates every time one of the HPU workers makes a mistake!”

411 Update: After much hemming and hawing, the “ticket” was removed, and the local resident was freed from their financial responsibility to pay the factually incorrect parking ticket.

The bottom line is that it’s a crying shame that property taxpaying residents have to deal with such rampant incompetence, bureaucracy, and overall mental retardation. But you know what? The city could give two shits – because of the five to 10 million dollars they ROB from residents and visitors – the “headaches” they endure are MINOR in comparison. Make it easier for everyone? Fugghedaboutit!

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I agree. However, parking was almost as bad when I lived at 84 Jefferson St and had a spot in the buildings’ garage. The Parking spaces were so tight, and most people had no clue how to park. That was just one of the many issues with the building – noise being the main issue. Could hear noise from upstairs neighbors, downstairs neighbors and neighbors next door. A true hell hole.


This is all part of the shakedown that cost taxpayers, visitors and businesses millions and is this fraud is actually BUILT into our budget by our Council and administration!