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hoboken411 mailbagIn today’s social media cesspool – there’s not much to talk about (once you remove all the fluff). It truly is “the ghetto” of the internet.

However, people still use email to communicate sometimes – and believe it or not, we still get all sorts of “mail.” Everything from the occasional “hate mail” to “tips” and people even offer “good job!” kudos to this day!

We’ve opined on general subjects more often these days than we used to – which has resulted in a larger than usual email flow. Below are a few recent snippits – and our comments:

Hoboken411 mail bag

  • “Why are your harping on millennials so much? Were the future of this country, and that is what u need to get used to!”
    Oh boy, where do I start? You can’t even check your phone auto-correct before you send? If that is what we need to get used to, I’ll pass. Thanks.
  • “Thank you for shining the light on many taboo subjects like freedom and over-reaching politics. No one seems to do that any more.”
    Yes, that’s right. Not an easy task to question “why” or logically offer criticism, but your following will only grow as more people wake up from the long slumber they’ve been in. But there are plenty of other sources out there for honest discussion – it’s just not very well represented in the “mainstream.”
  • “Hello,Am shatty,i would like to know if you can do personal fitness and do you accept credit card get back to me for more details and are you the owner or manager.”
    Yeah, some of the mail we get is either misdirected (because people don’t grasp the concept of links, or even how to read) or spammy. I used to answer some of these because I felt bad their requests might go unheard. But that was always a massive waste of time on my end. Delete!
  • “Another road just paved getting torn up again!”
    Thanks! We appreciate tips – and to spread the word regarding moronic city happenings is crucial in keeping an out-of-control property-taxpayer robbing “administration” in check.

Want to send us an email with nice holiday cheers or other helpful tips? Just email hoboken411@gmail.com and please try to make sense.

Hoboken411 Mailbag Hoboken NJ

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