Hoboken QotD – Living on a budget

4/30/2008 Question of the Day:

Today’s questions revolve around your personal budget.

  • Have you changed your spending habits recently?
  • Are there any deals you want others to know about in Hoboken to save money?
  • What are some fun things to do in Hoboken for free and on a budget?

Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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[quote comment=”91912″][quote comment=”91864″]Food: Margarita’s is the best restaurant for value, IMO. The best Italian food in town, relatively cheap and lots of it, and BYOB. Shoprite is usually a LOT cheaper than A&P. My husband reads the weekly Shopper fanatically (that’s the white plastic bag of leaflets about specials in local stores that gets delivered to your door) and buys large quantities of staples when they go on sale. We save a lot of money that way.

GYMS: Empire is the best fitness club if you’re on a budget. Cheaper than the Y, when I was comparing, and WAY better.[/quote]
Please see the Empire thread, people have been complaining nonstop.

Michelina’s is better than Margaritas IMO. But nothing compares to my gnocchi! lol

katie, glad to hear your gnocchi is doing well!

i like Leo’s a lot for italian food. good service, cheap food. my mom and uncle approved of it, and they never like italian food out!


[quote comment=”82041″]I just got around to reading some of these comments… And I agree with Strand: Let’s make this the 2008 Year of the Hoboken House Party!!!

I wonder how many folks with shore houses don’t go down each weekend like they might have when gas was cheaper.

I wonder how many *less* people come to Hoboken from the outer suburbs on weekends.

It’s quite possible gas will reach $5/gallon (for premium) at some point this summer…[/quote]

i don’t go down at all. i’m not a fan of the hoboken transplanted to the “shore” crowd. but regardless….premium gas? who wastes their money on that? and don’t tell me your car “requires” it, because it does not, unless you have a turbo. so many cars say “Recommended” but it’s not needed. if you don’t believe me, talk to any mechanic worth a buck, or look in consumer reports, edmunds, etc. etc.


[quote comment=”80951″][quote comment=”80885″]I hear local the local waiters complaining about money: still in school with a low wage job and customers are getting stingy. But, when i suggest my saving money idea, they give me the “are you insane” look:

* get rid of your cable or satellite TV
* stop smoking
* keep your cell phone for longer than a year
* open a window and use a fan instead of AC

I have to disagree with getting rid of your cable or satellite TV. People spend money when they’re bored. If you take away a fixed cost of entertainment inside the home (~$50/mo), then you cause that person to go outside. When people venture out into the city, they spend money.

Anyone on a tight budget should try to stay inside as much as possible, or go out into the country where there are no businesses. Avoid the city at all costs.

Cable TV and video games actually save people money.[/quote]

my “cable, internet, voip” plan comes to around $120/month. if i went to just internet, it’d be around $45. not bad. read books instead of watching tv….and many shows are online anyways, so you can still watch tv!


I posted the pinch post back when gas was $3/gallon. Now it’s insane. 🙂 I noticed my groceries cost more as well. I rarely drive (5104 miles in 1 year and 1 week) so I have little care about gas prices for driving purposes. The bigger issue for me is groceries and (of course) pizza prices.

[quote comment=”80676″]On a more serious note- how many people are actually feeling the pinch of increased prices at the supermarket & gas station? From the looks of this thread, I would guess it’s not something most of the people posting on here all day are really worried about. :mrgreen:[/quote] i wouldn’t say i am seriously pinched, but there’s definitely something to be said when a tank of gas that used to cost me $42.50 now costs me $68. is it breaking my bank? no, but $26 extra doesn’t come from nowhere. it either means i’m saving $26 less or taking it from somewhere else. 2 tanks a month means $52, and my vehicle is fairly fuel efficient. no add in grocery trips. milk is around $1 more expensive than a year ago…would that be fair to say? i drink a lot of milk. 3-4 gallons of milk a month increases my grocery bill by $3-$4. again, not breaking the bank, but i’m just picking the easy things to point out. went to modell’s the other day before golfing. one of my guilty pleasures. every box of golf balls is $2 more expensive, which is a 10% increase on most of the boxes! granted, people golfing aren’t hurting for cash either, but all these little things are adding up. if my monthly expenses go up by $100-$200, that money has to come from somewhere. it’s impossible to not be affected at all by the price increases. you’re either putting less in… Read more »