Marketing of the times {Hefty}

Accepting stupidity is today’s marketing {Hefty in particular}

We all understand generational differences. Times change, and so do people.

But in today’s society – we have an unprecedented situation. It’s called how FAST these changes are taking place.

What used to take at least an entire “generation,” (typically around 20 years give or take) is now happening at a much faster pace.

Think along these lines: Albums, to cassettes, to CD’s. Each one was about a generation. Today? Those generational “flip flops” change at least twice, sometimes even three or four times. No longer is the generation the indicator, but rather the actual trends themselves! Some generations are incompatible within themselves. Never has this happened, thanks to blistering technological evolution.

And it’s also caused a great divide among people.

Marketing Hefty products is mind-numbing

The reason I bring this up – is the following “commercials” for Hefty products.

In my lone opinion, they’re trying to somehow “bridge the gap” between the dumbed-down kids of today, with the “smart, hip” parents who are tasked with making sense of the nonsense.

Hence commercials like these:

See below for more of these vain marketing attempts to sell a product based on society circling the drain.

I’m sure they may work for some (as they might “get a kick” out of them), however I don’t know how many people are actually concerned that we’re collectively going in this direction. Funny or not, it’s kind of sad that we’re leaning towards acceptance instead of “snap the fuck out of this stupidity people!”

The minute I hear someone say to me: “Hashtag” anything, I immediately walk away.

And this “dubstep” nonsense has to STOP! Plus, promoting kids to trash their parent’s place? No respect anymore!

It’s time to bring back old-timers to the marketing departments across the world. Because having “trendy” people who actually find value in social media trends in order to dictate their marketing vision – we have a serious problem!

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