Hoboken Shrimpgate!

Shrimpgate – Pier A in Hoboken last weekend

Looks like someone made a very stinky mess down at Pier A Park last weekend. So along with “Bridgegate,” “Diarygate,” we now have “Shrimpgate” as Hoboken resident Dorothy points out:

“While at Pier A this weekend, we headed toward Sinatra Drive home. In doing so, we wound up stepping on at least 400-600 square feet of shrimp dumped on all the leaves!

And even more puzzling, was they were all completely whole or just the tails. The putrid smell was as if they were mixed with vomit. My first thought was that this was a group dare of some sort, because of the volume of shrimp laying about. My husband seems to think it was a fisherman with shrimp used as bait (but this doesn’t explain the half eaten ones and the horrible vomit smell). Let’s just say stepping on this disgusting mess is pretty much a health hazard!”

Anyone have a clue as to why so much shrimp was dumped at the park? Perhaps just a lazy restaurant didn’t want to dispose of them properly?

Hoboken Shrimpgate

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How about a zip line or a ski lift?


They want a pedestrian bridge to NYC and they want it NOW!