Jersey City Charging Stations {Newport}

Jersey City Charging Stations announced

The folks that run the Newport complex in Jersey City seems to be leading the way once again, as they’ll be the first in NJ to have solar powered smartphone charging benches. Plus charging spaces for electric cars over at the shopping mall. See below for announcement.

Jersey City Charging Stations for cars and smart phones - Jersey City Charging Stations {Newport}

Newport, Jersey City ‘Charges Up’ with New Eco-Friendly Public Amenities

Solar-Powered Phone Charging Benches and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Installed

Newport Associates Development Company has announced two eco-friendly upgrades in the Newport section of Jersey City, New Jersey. The first upgrade is the installation of two cellphone charging Soofa Benches that provide solar-powered USB charging ports for smart phones and devices. The second upgrade is the installation of two electric vehicle chargers, Blink Level II Pedestal Chargers, by Car Charging Group Inc.

“Having solar-powered charging benches and electric vehicle charging ports in Newport changes everything,” said Maya Autret, Marketing Director of Newport Associates Development Company. “Newport strives to provide residents and visitors with conveniences that are also environmentally sustainable. Having access to a charger when you’re on the go, whether it’s for your electric car or your smart phone is a benefit to everyone.”

Soofa Benches allow users to charge small electronic devices via USB ports, which are powered by environmental sensors developed by Soofa, a female-led MIT startup. The installation in Newport is the first of its kind in New Jersey.

The new benches are available for the public to use at no cost and are located outside of 1 River Court and 45 Park Lane South on the Hudson River waterfront in Newport, Jersey City, New Jersey.

Blink Level II Pedestal Chargers provide users with the ability to power their electric vehicle while parked at Newport Town Square Garage in Jersey City. The stations are equipped with 7-inch LCD touch screen displays with a user-friendly interface for safe and easy charging. Stations are also outfitted with industry standard SAE J1772 connectors, which are the most widely compatible connectors for electric vehicles in the United States.

The electric vehicle chargers are available for the public to use for $1.50 per hour at Newport Town Square Garage, located at 90 Town Square Place in Jersey City, New Jersey.

411 Note: While this fills a niche, and might be useful at times – I wish they’d stop tossing the “eco-friendly” buzz-word around. Just because your specific device doesn’t emit much pollution, they are not eco-friendly. The manufacture of these products results in tons of toxic material, and electricity itself is not eco-friendly either. The least they could do is be upfront about it… Just call it what it is – a personal convenience. Nothing more, nothing less…

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