How “being thankful” has changed

How “being thankful” has changed in just a few years

Over the years, as we all partake in the ritual known as “Thanksgiving,” the reasons for being grateful for life on earth are typically similar. Thankful for family and friends, as well as whatever good fortunes that may have come your way. You know the drill, right?

But as the world is rapidly changing (or as some may say “devolving,”) some interesting new reasons for being thankful have crept into focus – that were never there in the past.

being thankful in Hoboken NJ on Thanksgiving 2015

While most of the things we’re thankful for this year we choose to keep to ourselves, there are some that we’re willing to share:

Thanksgiving 2015: Top 5 reasons to be thankful!

  1. We’re thankful for the power of self-restraint. Specifically, our success with entirely avoiding the “online ghetto” known as social media. The time we’ve literally saved has allowed us to do the work of ten men combined… Our brains thank us too – for independent thoughts and a clear understanding of the world.
  2. Another major item we continue to be thankful for – is our choice to drastically reduce passive entertainment consumption (TV, movies, games, news, etc.) Instead we replaced that otherwise lost time doing more beneficial and constructive things, like learning new skills, enriching our minds via printed word, and having an overall “can-do” attitude towards monumental tasks.
  3. Re-discovering the forgotten. Besides books, our plentiful extra time has slowly allowed us to remember better days as technology bleaches the meaning of real human contact from society. One of those being the art of actual film cameras. Instead of instant results (and “sharing”) which is quickly over-run by a stream of meaningless “selfies,” the patient process of physical film is enjoyable. Besides waiting to finish the rolls of film, we also have to wait to get them developed by a professional lab. Once we get the photos back, we place them in a physical album, and wait until the opportunity to physically share the memories with others in person. Stories to tell, facial expressions and body language. What a joy that is.
  4. We can also be thankful for the fact that the people we surround ourselves with do not belong to social media either. Never when we gather either at home or out at a restaurant has anyone taken a picture of their food and sent it through the interwebs. Isn’t that astonishing?
  5. And finally – it is so nice to have chosen to live a simpler life, and not to have to rely on anyone but ourselves for contentment and happiness. We guide our own ships, free from influences, comparisons or judgment. It is such a refreshing feeling, I only wish you could feel it too.

Have a great Thanksgiving, and don’t forget your phone chargers!

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