Are you the “Captain” of your emotions?

How in control are you of your emotions?

We’ve already opined on the myriad of things that can “influence” a person – direct their beliefs, discretionary spending, alliances, etc. But a close (inbred) cousin to influences are raw emotions.

While we’re not psychologists or psychiatrists – we’re still avid social observers, and one of the benefits of “clearing your mental plate” is that you can start piecing things together quite naturally. And one subject I’m rather fascinated about is what external influences tug the strings of a particular person’s “emotions.”

Let’s take a look at some of those things that affect a good solid majority of the American population these days:

digital emotions in Hoboken NJ

Excessive “entertainment”

Entertainment exists across many platforms. Books, art, television, movies, music, celebrity gossip, and much more.

The purveyors of such “entertainment” are not idiots. There is a profound psychological model that accompanies “addictive entertainment.” One such model that has been taken on deep mental camouflage is the tried and true “cliff-hanger.” While not as obvious as the early days of TV, each and every “serial” television program is expressly written in such a genius way as to keep the viewer addicted for more.

Plot lines, character development, “plot twists” and other mental trickery keep you all glued to the screen with no resistance. Many of you even get “shell-shocked” by the fictional content you’re fed. People remember, talk about, and are consumed by the passive ingestion of such entertainment. They are “moved” by such artistic entertainment.

Sure, this may not necessarily be bad on it’s own (as it is essentially “voluntary,”) but the options are next to infinite, while your time will ALWAYS be fixed. This is why TV watching hours per month is probably at an all time high. People take on many “new shows” each and every year. They become addicts. They subscribe to Twitter feeds, and become all-too-consumed.

It affects them in ways they cannot truly (and mathematically) understand.

insane emotions involving sports teams

Sports: Live and Die with “your teams”

I have been guilty of this (in the past) for sure. Letting your own emotions be dictated by the success (or failure) of the so-called “teams” that you have an allegiance with.

I remember the day when the NY Yankees lost to the Diamondbacks in the World Series. I fucking shed a few tears after that stupid season was over when “my team” lost.

Retrospectively, all I can say is “What a dumb ass I was!”

We haven’t watched (or cared about) sports in half a decade. Sure, we may (out of curiosity) look at the sports pages a few times a year to “check the standings” but that is the extent of it. I don’t even know why I waste my time with that other than to “have an idea” of what other people might be paying attention to.

One of the reasons we penned this post, is because of last week’s Giants vs. Patriots game. One of our friends was somewhat downtrodden that “the Giants blew it again!,” even though they’re not die-hard “super-fans.” They “hated” the Patriots enough that the last-second victory put a damper on their own emotions. The alcohol, along with the negative outcome had some kind of affect on how they felt inside! WHY?

Oh my – please please please stop with the news!

I could easily write a 20,000 word article about why you should distance yourself from “mainstream” news. In fact if you haven’t had the chance – read the one easy essay about this whole shit-show called Avoid News – by Rolf Dobelli – and you’ll get it if you have one ounce of brain matter left.

The easily-accessible “bad news” that is transmitted by the minute is just completely unhealthy. Yeah, the whole debacle in Paris. Whatever. NO NEED TO GET EMOTIONAL ABOUT IT.

“Scanning the headlines” is what we do. We kind of get a “pulse” of what the MSM is reporting. Occasionally we’ll check out some viewpoints. In the Paris incident – there have been a crazy number of opinions. I can’t remember a recent story that has garnered more “Op-Ed” than this story. Insane, in fact.

But in the long run – Paris is 3600 miles away from here. Around 50% further than the opposite coast of this very country. Far away.

Sure, it isn’t harmful to keep tabs on various trends taking place in society (the degradation of nations, the corruption, etc.) but having deep emotions about happenings far away does you NO GOOD for the short term. Keep a level head, and take a pause for Christ’s sake.

There are many more

I could easily add 100 more bullet-points to this article. Social media being the worst culprit. The “mental engineering” happening in social media is mind-blowing. And how easily susceptible humanity is to whole thing is truly astounding.

You can also talk about generational shifts in beliefs. How there is such a divide between older and younger folks. Unprecedented I believe. Technology is having what I think is a devastating blow to humanity as a whole. Even people in far-reaching under-developed countries are being tainted by this social technology. It’s unnatural and has a very bleak ending as far as I see.

In conclusion: Reduce the fluff, focus on core issues in your life

Knowing what the rest of the populous has become obsessed with is not a bad thing. Taking the bait IS.

As we slowly and carefully remove the things that aren’t directly important to our lives – it’s saddening to see a very small minority of the population do the same. Quite the opposite in fact.

77% of two-year olds have tablets. Hello?

I’ve said this before. You should reduce your “friends list” dramatically. Focus on your family, closest friends, and true neighbors who have similar mindsets.

What happens outside of your direct life – does not matter. What happened in France really doesn’t affect you (yet – until some draconian law impedes your freedom).

Your emotions are yours. If you let entertainment, sports, and far away news control your emotions – what life do YOU have? You’re just a voluntary victim of your passive ingestion of “stuff.”

Don’t forget about the important things in your life – and what you (still) have control over. Your happiness, the people you love, the wholesome things you (still can) engage in.

Have you had a chance to connect with Mother Nature recently (outside some government-ordained park?) Have you explored your surroundings? Done things by hand? Simplified your life?

Some might say that if you turn off the TV, stop following sports, and eliminating “entertainment” – that your life would be “boring.”

I beg to differ, and sleep like a happy log every single solitary night.

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