Hoboken411 Police Scanner DOWN!

Pledge drive: Hoboken411 Police Scanner DOWN – needs replacement!

For almost the past 10 years, Hoboken411.com has provided a FREE community service: The Hoboken Police Action Channel.

Help Hoboken411 Police Action ChannelThis no-charge channel streamed live police, fire, ambulance and other emergency Hoboken radio broadcasts. Hoboken411.com has been the only outlet that provided this service in the world.

This was funded 100% by us – and provided for FREE to use by all of you when you needed it. But this came with a cost that no one thinks about these days when everything is “Free!”

In the early days, it cost us over $500 a year to use one of the “old-school” streaming services. In later years, this cost was reduced to less than $100 per year. No sweat.

We continued providing this voluntary service (since cities like Hoboken don’t like “airing dirty laundry” like actual crime that takes place on a weekly basis…)

However, other equipment was required, mainly a dedicated laptop PC (quad core was necessary for 24/7 data), a dedicated police scanner and other apparatus (antennas, wires, power supplies, etc.)

Well, our equipment recently got FRIED due to a unforeseen power surge. We now have to replace it all in order to get it back ONLINE.

But we’re asking for donations this time. See PayPal button below.

Hoboken411 Police Action Channel destroyed need new equipment for streaming police scanner

You appreciate the free online Hoboken police action?

That said, this time we’re asking for your help to restore the destroyed Hoboken Police Action Channel. I’ve done it out of pocket for so long with much “usage,” it’s only fair to ask for some appreciation.

Considering we’ve spent at least $4,000 over the years providing this valuable service to the community – the least you could do is donate something to get it restored.

What we need to purchase to get this back online is:

  • A new quality quad-core laptop (between $500-700)
  • A replacement radio scanner (around $300)

So we’re just looking to raise around $1000 to bring this service back online. No one else is doing it at this point.

If someone else wishes to take this endeavor on, by all means – feel free. I wouldn’t be sad to knock a “maintenance and upkeep” responsibility off my list once and for all.

But if you still would like me to keep this service online here – please donate whatever you can ASAP, and I’ll get the Hoboken411 Police Action Channel back online lickety split!

Donate to the Hoboken411 Police Action Channel Fund HERE:

Donate to the Hoboken411 Police Action Channel Fund ABOVE!

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