Hoboken Readers Circle Book Group: 11/2015

The amazing once-a-month “enlightenment without electricity” 2015 Hoboken Readers Circle Book Group meets again tomorrow, Thursday, November 19th.

Hoboken Readers Circle Book Group

The Hoboken Readers Circle book group meets the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:00pm in the comfortable and spacious Muller Room of All Saints, 701 Washington Street, in Hoboken.

All book lovers are welcome, and encouraged to even bring a friend! Free coffee and cake is served. For more info write readerscircle123@aol.com.

The Accidental Tourist Hoboken Readers Circle Book Group

The Accidental Tourist

Tomorrow night, the group will meet and discuss the book The Accidental Tourist by Anne Tyler.

Here’s a synopsis of The Accidental Tourist (which was made into a movie in 1988):

“Scarred by grief after their 12-year-old son’s senseless murder (he was shot by a holdup man in a Burger Bonanza), Macon and Sarah Leary are losing their marriage too. Macon is unable to cope when she leaves him, so he settles down “safe among the people he’d started out with,” moving back home with two divorced brothers and spinster sister Rose. Author of a series of guidebooks called “Accidental Tourist” for businessmen who hate to travel, Macon is Tyler’s focus here, as she gently chronicles his journey from lonely self-absorption to an “accidental” new life with brassy Muriel, a dog trainer from the Meow Bow Animal Hospital, who renews and claims his heart. Not a character, including Macon’s dog Edward, is untouched by delightful eccentricity in this charming story, full of surprises and wisdom.”

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