Hoboken411 Vacation (sort of)


Ok, everyone, I’ve tried my best here to finally take some time away from the computer.

But never fear! Hoboken411 will be chock full of more stories than ever this week! It’ll be like I’m still here, but on 13 cups of espresso, nine digital cameras, and a full time staff of people! Lots of fun entries on the way for your enjoyment. Plus, the new Breaking News Corner can be utilized just in case I’m not accessible.

hoboken hoboken411 vacation - Hoboken411 Vacation (sort of)

So, what am I gonna do?

Good question. I don’t know.

hoboken 411 what are you gonna do - Hoboken411 Vacation (sort of)I may leave Hoboken, I might not. I’ll feel kinda weird not being connected, and might suffer a nervous breakdown. In which case, knowing me, I’d immediately think of writing a review of the Hoboken University Medical Center trauma center.

I’ll also be checking in a couple times a day, to ensure everything is going OK, and possibly moderate any comments that got stuck in the SPAM filter. But just be advised that turnaround might be a little slower than usual.

My email will be checked as well, so keep stories, tips and photos coming. They’ll be addressed. Sooner or later.

It’s also quite possible that I will NOT take my vacation, but rather work on some special projects that I’ve been putting off because of the workload. You never know! (doing laundry doesn’t count as one of those projects.) On the other hand, I may be in Costa Rica by the time you read this. I’m crazy like that.

What are YOU gonna do?

Business as usual, really! You won’t notice a thing.

But please remember, if something really nutty happens, post it in the Breaking News Corner. You’d be surprised to see a story magically appear soon thereafter.

Also, don’t forget about the Live Hoboken Police and Fire Scanner either! You can comment on lesser (non-emergency) things there. Like drunken idiots, fender benders and other crap.

This week will fly by, and I’ll be back at full speed before I know it. Didn’t someone comment that you need XX number of days to really feel rested? Ugh.

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[quote comment=”80050″]It’s back! I miss you already.

Have a great vacation. Keep in touch.[/quote]

Isn’t the whole point of being on vaca NOT keeping in touch? Perry, go to Costa Rica!!! You need some Tico time. Pura Vida, even if you stay in the “boken. Thanks for all you do, and I hope you are making a bundle o’ cash for it.


It’s back! I miss you already.

Have a great vacation. Keep in touch.



Must be me.