Harrison Flats

Hoboken Condo “Factory:” Harrison Flats

Hoboken is fairly well known for what are called “cookie cutter condos,” which far outnumber any phenomenal apartment buildings. You know, max density, cheap materials, corner-cutting.

Another new building added to the mix is Harrison Flats downtown at Harrison and 2nd Streets (a known flood zone).

harrison flats hoboken NJ before and after - Harrison Flats

Looking at the floor plans, most units are relatively “cookie cutter,” although the corner units appear to have more spacious living room layouts and halfway decent light, despite having no southern exposure.

However, there are several units in the building that almost seem “unlivable.”

The “-03” units have zero exterior windows (facing the street or truly “outside.”) While they have windows, they’re facing the facade of the building next door! WTF is that? Even though there is some outside space, it’s basically a narrow column surrounded by structures. Not for those who are susceptible to panic attacks. However, given the proximity to the projects, those units will be safer from any potential stray bullets!

Pros and cons with everything in life, I guess.

Oh, and here’s a “timelapse” the builder did of the construction. Hey, at least there are concrete floors!

Description: Condo building.
Address: 128 Harrison St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)792-4302
Online: harrisonflats.com

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