Bad idea? New pedestrian bridge to NYC

Proposed pedestrian bridge between NY & NJ just a bad idea?

Some people just have way too much time on their hands. The latest example of this is some dude and his architect friend who dreamed up this idea of a new pedestrian bridge between Jersey City and Manhattan.

NYC Pedestrian Bridge 3

Why a pedestrian bridge is a horrific idea

For one, who is going to pay for this? It’ll cost billions!

And we already have a pedestrian path across the river – it’s called the George Washington Bridge!

Putting yet another pedestrian crossing near two (more populated spots) will just cause headaches for everyone (increased crime being the main problem).

NYC Pedestrian Bridge 1

Other downsides too:

  • Constant suicides / suicide attempts
  • Rape and assault on the bridge, or otherwise property-taxpayer funded “security” in the name of yet more costly police officers.
  • Accident waiting to happen. A matter of time before some large vessel renders this bridge useless, and more money for repairs.
  • “Selfie Darwin Awards,” as social media dopes try to one-up each other with some form of planking or other attention-seeking stunt.
  • Eyesore, will certainly cause someone’s “views” to become obstructed.

If ANY bridge were to be built – it should be just like the GWB – because cars are NOT going anywhere anytime soon!

NYC Pedestrian Bridge 2

I love that these so-called “visionaries” try to stir the pot with ideas well out of reach. And dumb articles like the one we mentioned above use terminology like “proposed” as if that means something significant. It’ll be the day when I get “PR” for “proposing” that these idiots find better uses of their time and STFU!

Just wait until everyone has personal jet-packs, and all this will be unnecessary.

NJ NY Pedestrian Bridge BAD IDEA

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How about a pedestrian catapult?


I think your tags pretty much say all that needs saying. Dead on. Bravo.