Practical Christmas Gifts 2015 {part 4}

Practical Christmas Gifts 2015 (part 4)

Continuing this fun holiday buying guide Practical Christmas Gifts 2015 – today we present part 4 – “For the guys!”

Practical Christmas Gifts in 2015: For men

Many practical Christmas gifts don’t have all-purpose usefulness, and have to be gender specific. And if you’re not afraid of the “gender police,” you should have no problem getting some decent gifts just for MEN.

So what might work in 2015?

    shaving tools for men beards moustache

  1. SHAVING TOOLS. With the “hipster beard trend” obviously not fizzling out (yet), some guys may like to groom themselves instead of going to a barber shop. Those who don’t mind rechargeable shavers will LOVE the Panasonic ER-GB40-S Cordless Moustache & Beard Trimmer. It’s under 40 bucks, works wet or dry, and is well engineered (#411 owns). The key is keeping it oiled or it won’t perform as good. Also consider various grooming scissors as well.
  2. A classy wine opener. Imagine a single guy in your life (friend or family member). He brings a girl home and has a cheap plastic wine opener for their “nightcap.” Nothing spells “buzz-kill” than being cheap with your wine implements. We highly recommend the Chateau Laguiole Waiters Corkscrew. Costs a pretty penny, but will last a lifetime. Comes in many colors – but we like Black Horn and Oak Barrel the best.

  4. A powerful flashlight. Having a decent flashlight is important – especially with power outages, etc. And since we’re flashlight aficionados – we’ve tried them all. And of course with no budget limit you can really find the best. But we feel the best LED flashlight for the money comes from THRUNITE. All their flashlight models from purse sized all the way up to incredible throw-distance models all work well. We like the THRUNITE MINI TN30 the best overall. * Just be sure you get the proper rechargeable batteries and charger *(18650).
  5. Decent Gift Cards (or cash). Even if you THINK you know the person – never assume you know what they’ll like next year. CASH IS KING and is as practical as it gets. But if you’re hell bent on giving a gift card – and want to remain on the practical side of the fence – A Home Depot gift card should cover 99% of men out there (always something real men need at Home Depot). If your man wears skinny pants – you can ignore this tip.

What are perfect (practical Christmas gifts) for guys you know?

Don’t forget to catch up on previous Practical Christmas Gift ideas, either!

practical christmas gifts 2015 Hoboken Part 4 Men

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