Pedestrian Death Wish?

Pedestrian Death Wish in Hoboken?

Every time we take the car out in Hoboken – the pedestrian calamity is worsening.

There is no better phrase for this than “Pedestrian Death Wish.”

As the pocket communicator / “smart phone” virus continues to eat away at human common sense – the number of entitled (and over-confident) pedestrians crossing the street grows.

What ever happened to (temporarily) STOPPING at the intersection, assessing the traffic situation, then proceeding when safe?

Hoboken pedestrian death wish hardly stop and look - Pedestrian Death Wish?

No one “waits” for a second anymore

NO! I continually observe pedestrians of all kinds (mostly on the younger side) walk along the sidewalk – and DON’T PAUSE FOR A SECOND – as they begin the journey across the street.

Zero awareness whether the car coming has a stop sign, or the RIGHT OF WAY.

You see, cars, bikes and pedestrians are supposed to live in a “give and take” world. Even though the stupid “law” says that cars should stop when a pedestrian is in the crosswalk, doesn’t mean that you should FORCE an oncoming car to stop when they’re 10 feet from passing. Smarter (older) pedestrians understand this – and don’t fret when they allow one or two cars to pass before crossing. That’s just courteous and sane.

It’s a statistical guarantee that pedestrians will regularly get struck because of both their arrogance, and the likelihood that the driver might not see them.

For your own good – remember the days of “car always beats pedestrian.”

Pedestrian Death Wish Hoboken NJ - Pedestrian Death Wish?

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Hoboken is full of bad pedestrians and bad drivers. 14th st is full of bad drivers. People that try and beat another car and turn when I am crossing with a walk signal. Or when I wait in a crosswalk and see car after car speed on by. Oh they see me, but they must rush through to only slam on the brakes at the red light one block away.

Also love pedestrians on the street that walk straight into me because their phone grabbed their attention.

BTW I like you site. Don’t always agree with you, but I love the way you deliver your message. Maybe we can get the cars to wow down the plastic poles in the street while they swerve to avoid pedestrians?