Discriminatory hiring in Hoboken?

How prevalent is discriminatory hiring in the Mile Square?

Hoboken NJ discriminatory hiring practices - Discriminatory hiring in Hoboken?Here’s something that should get your goat! Did you know that it appears that discriminatory hiring practices are still happening in “equal opportunity Hoboken?”


Not too long ago, Okinawa Sushi Grill downtown was hiring for some restaurant help.

In their window they had two signs:

  1. Now hiring experienced cashier and server, and
  2. Se necesita lavaplatos. (diswasher in Spanish)

I mean, really. Why must they discriminate against English-speaking people?

There are plenty of people out of work these days, and would be HAPPY to apply for that dishwashing job – but they may not understand how to read Spanish. So?

Why take a huge part of the unemployed population out of the equation? What about washing dishes “requires” speaking Spanish? Heck, I know some perfectly good dishwashers who are deaf mutes. C’mon already!

This racist and discriminatory behavior has to stop.


Okinawa Hoboken Discriminatory hiring practices against english speaking people who want dishwashing jobs - Discriminatory hiring in Hoboken?

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