Free Health Screenings…

Free Health Screenings in Hoboken {there has to be a catch!}

From time to time, Carepoint Health (a.k.a. “HUMC,” f.k.a. St. Mary’s) in Hoboken takes their “medical bus” out for a joyride and parks somewhere nearby and offers what they call “free health screenings.”

We’ll tell you why you should really avoid these so-called screenings like the plague.

Carepoint Hoboken NJ free health screenings - Free Health Screenings...

Cui Bono – follow the money – they need you!

Besides this medical Winnebago blatantly breaking the parking laws in Hoboken, there are other things about it that keep us away.

No such thing as “free” anymore. They are one or many “catches” to this seemingly innocent gesture. They wouldn’t do it for free if there wasn’t anything in it for them.

One, I’d suspect that you can’t just go into this Healthcare Scooby Van without filling out some kinds of forms, showing ID – “getting into their system.” That alone is reason to run the other way.

And how do you know they’re not going to make up something scary that will lead you right to the hospital with them waiting for you to pick your pocket with open arms? Or even worse – you’d catch something from that dirty bus! Who knows who’s been inside there. Could be a festering germ-mobile!

If it’s not ID tracking, or hopes of a future patient – I’d never accept something “free” from an insatiable medical monopoly. They’ll never be satisfied!

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015 5:18 pm

It is open enrollment period for health plans ending Dec 7

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