Word Wussies

Where did all the word wussies come from?

America. “Land of the free, home of the brave.” Didn’t that used to mean something?

As each month passes by, I’m dumbfounded as to the types of conversations that are actually taking place these days. Especially when it comes to “political correctness.” And all these “word wussies” emerging like brain-dead zombies with no other purpose in life EXCEPT to be hurt by mere sound waves and shapes on an electronic screen or piece of paper.

We’ve talked about being “offended” by things in the past – but there so much (useless) discussion about words that are “insensitive” to others. Take a look at this hilarious video which goes over the latest 30 (THIRTY) words that have risen in the “offensive” rankings lately:

You allow this shit to happen

And by “you,” I mean the collective that agrees with such nonsensical rubbish.

And I’m not going to even get into name-calling or labels (like left, progressive, liberal, etc.) as that even misses the big picture point.

Only YOU can control whether you’re offended or not. And if everyone lived by a few simple “rules of law,” which we’ve also mentioned in the past, which are:

  1. Do as you’ve agreed to do;
  2. Do not infringe on another person’s property (theft, vandalism, etc.) or being (assault, etc.),

We’d be one big happy family, country, body politic, whatever.

But by attempting to control the language people use is a slippery slope to be on, as history can show you why.

It starts slowly with innocent requests to tone down “offensive” language, then before you know it – any disagreeing feelings will be stifled, and not just against minority groups or helpless idiots.

Then comes the people that try to control you (as you witnessed a glimpse of this when Hoboken citizens were physically removed from a public debate when they mentioned the shadowy mayor Stan Grossbard at a recent council meeting).

Free speech includes everything.

Even topics you may not agree with, or good grief, may offend you and your overly-sensitive brain.

All this talk of “tolerance” seems to only apply to carefully selected topics – and ironically side-steps the need for tolerance on the other side as well.

Tread carefully people!

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