Ronald Reagan and Hoboken {podcast}

Can you believe? Ronald Reagan visited Hoboken St. Ann’s Feast!

ronald reagan hoboken nj st anns feast - Ronald Reagan and Hoboken {podcast}Adding to our outstanding collection of Hoboken Podcasts – is an exceptional addition – recounting the time that presiding American President Ronald Reagan swung by the annual St. Ann’s Festival!

Great audio. One for the times!

Featuring Jay Trelease, Len Luizzi and Santo Millici. Great listen!

“Hoboken Historian Len Luizzi joins Jay Trelease in an interview with Santo Millici.

He’s the guy who wrote to President Ronald Reagan in 1984 and invited him to the St.Ann’s Feast.

Not only did the President show up, he brought along one of Hoboken’s favorite son’s.

This interview is just the first in a series that will be presented on Hoboken Internet Radio and on Hoboken Podcasts in celebration of Frank Sinatra’s 100th Birthday.”

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