Monkee business this weekend


As we all know, the 2008 Spring Arts and Music Festival is coming up this weekend. And this year’s headline act is Mickey Dolenz, of The Monkees.

Since both Micky and I both have hectic schedules, it was a bit hard to get an extended interview with him. However I was able to quickly ask him a few short questions off the top of my head.

Read what he has to say below!


411 chats with Micky Dolenz

  • How did you get the Hoboken Gig?
    I’ve been doing more and more shows each year … and, this event came into our view … and, we went for it. I love playing on the East Coast … so, here we are. Should be a terrific show … am really looking forward to it. I’m intrigued by the whole affair.
  • Have you been to Hoboken before? If so, where did you go?
    I’m told I had a very good time … the last time. Truth is, it has been a while, but I know it will be terrific. Great audiences and fans there.
  • What songs do you plan on singing at the festival? Would you take a request from Hoboken residents?
    When I play live, I believe I have a responsibility with the audience to play the old songs … and, play them the same way. No reggae version of “Last Train To Clarksville.” Actually, we have a few surprises in store too. As far as requests go … let’s see what happens.
  • I understand you are also a film director. What do you enjoy more? Performing or directing?
    I enjoy them both equally. Directing is another thing entirely … I love directing and intend to do more. Its working another set of muscles, if you will. Just like Broadway, which I’m doing more and more of, AIDA, PIPPIN’ … it is a great exercise.
  • What’s going on with the Hall of Fame? What will it take to get you inducted? How can we help you?
    The Rock & Roll thing is a private club … and, we’ve not yet been invited to the party.
  • If you’re still performing in the year 2016, will there be a 50 year Monkees reunion?
    I’ve learned ‘never to say never.’

Thanks Micky, we look forward to hearing some of your classics this weekend! Weather looks perfect too!

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jeeze, I better call my mom and let her know Micky’s coming to town! She’ll be there in a heart beat probably. 😀


Nice waste of $13K. The Monkees sucked when they were good. :mrgreen:

Tama Murden

According to The Reporter, he’s being paid $13k by the City for this short gig. Not bad for a has-been.