Bootleg DVD’s are okay now? {podcast}

Streaming wins? Bootleg DVD’s apparently okay now!

Made a rare appearance into the Hoboken 7-Eleven the other day. Other than being disgusted by the horrific packaged food and other toxic shit they peddle (other than the coffee which isn’t bad), I noticed this fruity cardboard display of crap near the front:

“Treasure Hunt” DVD’s for $3 bucks.

All sorts of movies, like the fun BORAT movie, and many other very popular and successful flicks.

Why are they selling what seem to be PIRATED movies?

bootleg dvd dics hoboken NJ 7 Eleven - Bootleg DVD's are okay now? {podcast}

Oh, they’re previously viewed DVD’s?

We took a further look into these el-cheapo DVD’s (we thought were bootlegs) and asked the (new) owner of 7 Eleven about them. Apparently, they’re “pre-owned!” Whew! What a relief! Listen to our broadcast from the other day:

Who watches their tablet it bed?

Anyway, one of the reasons we posted this – is because of an ongoing “T-Stand” Kickstarter Project that has successfully touted some fruity “tablet holder” that enables people to lay in a dormant position while they suck up the garbage they’re viewing on those moronic tablets. Just looking at this diagram made me nauseous.

Are you that needy for entertainment? That you have to lay in a non-calorie burning slab to “get the latest” whatever it is you inadvertently ingest online?

We actually almost bought this. It’s a fairly well thought-out product, and could possible serve a purpose in the kitchen. But we chose NOT to incorporate it into our lives. No frickin’ way! Books or just dreams and sleep.


T stand tablet holder kickstarter - Bootleg DVD's are okay now? {podcast}

Can’t you see the eerie similarity between these “screens” and IV druggies laid out in some back alley somewhere? I do.

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Mrs. L

Those bargain dvds are great! And I can’t believe people have become so lazy with their tv watching.