Rooftop Douchebags

Rooftop Douchebags {why?}

Hey, I’ll admit – rooftops are always cool. We always like checking out places people are not really supposed to be. But we investigate for a few minutes and head on our merry way. Hanging out there isn’t really our bag.

But speaking of “bags,” there’s always some buffoons that push the envelope when it comes to going over the acceptable norms. Those are called rooftop douchebags.

Look at these two fools.

rooftop douchebags in Hoboken NJ no reason

For one, this “synchronized sitting” situation is queer to begin with. Who straddles the edge like that? And why are they sitting in the same direction, like they’re on some kind of plane or train?

And what does that first “tough guy” have to prove by not wearing a shirt? That he has an auto-debiting gym membership and can lift 280 lbs? Or that he’s an expert chest-shaver? I’m telling you narcissism is probably the most dangerous epidemic our planet has had to deal with in history.

It’s just a bit of a shame that Darwin was out to lunch when these guys ventured onto the roof.

These guys are probably regulars for any event in town, like St. Ann’s, St. Patty’s, and other opportunities to yell stupid shit from the safety of their rooftop “safe zone.”

rooftop douchebags in Hoboken NJ

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