Practical Christmas Gifts 2015 {part 3}

Practical Christmas Gifts 2015 (part 3)

Continuing this fun holiday buying guide Practical Christmas Gifts 2015 – today we present part 3 – “Healthy!”

Healthy & practical Christmas Gifts in 2015: Vitamins & Supplements

keep calm and focus on vitaminsThere are so many helpful vitamins, herbs and supplements that the majority of our “advanced” culture knows nothing about and might very well be severely deficient in.

Sure, if you eat a healthy diet you have most bases covered already (FYI – meat has more vitamins than veggies – with the exception of vitamin C).

But there are some supplements that are essential no matter how good you think your diet is.

Let’s take a look a few that we swear by all year round:

    liquid vitamin d

  1. Vitamin D drops. The “recommended daily allowance” of Vitamin D is vastly under-stated. They (what do “they” know anyway) say between 200-400 IU per day. But you’re better off getting at least 10x that amount – maybe even 50x that amount. You ever wonder why people don’t typically catch colds in the summer? SUN EXPOSURE (the best way to get Vit. D). We like the Seeking Health Optimal Vitamin D drops – 2,000 IU per drop. We usually strive for 10,000 IU per day – especially in the winter or rainy summer days. The gift recipient will thank you after the FLU season is over and they came through unscathed.
  2. Help with Alcohol? Considering the amount of drinking that happens in Hoboken – many people might appreciate some help with dealing with hangovers. There are two products we can recommend:
  3. GUT CHECK! With all the suspicious foods you might eat – one often over-looked part of your diet is your gut flora. After reading The Microbiome Diet – we re-upped our mission to keep our intestines armed with as much good bacteria as we can. Best bet is naturally (with stuff like fermented foods), but having supplements is still a must. Any probiotics are good to have on hand (mix them up each month to keep it diverse). And having a normalized Thyroid is good for everyone (either under or over-weight).
  4. Lastly – no vitamin cabinet is complete without Nascent Iodine. For one, it’s a necessity most people are severely deficient in – and it’s also a helpful “SHTF” compound to have on hand.

There are many more we can suggest – but these are the most important. Think about your loved ones!

Don’t forget to catch up on previous Practical Christmas Gift ideas, either!

practical christmas gifts 2015 Hoboken health supplements

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